review of tower adventurer 2 paddle board

Tower Adventurer 2 SUP Review

tower advetnurer 2Our Tower Adventurer 2 review for this inflatable 10’4″ SUP may be a little biased. Maybe biased isn’t the right word, but we did rate this our number one all-around SUP board in 2017 for a reason. We love this board, and it’s one of the best boards we paddled around on in a long time.

This board is currently one of the best-selling stand-up paddle boards available. The model is exceptionally user-friendly and is ideal for both newbies to the SUP world and experienced paddlers. There’s rarely a bad Tower Adventurer 2 review online due to the great stability, versatility, and value this paddleboard offers (See how it stacks up here).

The Specs

  • Type: All-Around
  • Length: 10' 4"
  • Construction: Inflatable
  • Price: $$

With such an ideal board for a variety of riders, you’ll find a few unique features on the Tower Adventurer 2. A few of our favorites included:

  • rolled up boardSturdy Design: This paddle board can hold up to 350 pounds comfortably. You won’t have weight issues when using this SUP.
  • Thick Board: The Tower Adventurer 2 Inflatable 10’4″ SUP offers six inches of board thickness. This ensures stability and allows newbie riders to spend more time on the board and less time in the water.
  • Military-Grade: This SUP uses military-grade, drop-stitch design to create a sturdy body. Many users have found it’s darn near impossible to damage this board – eve though it’s inflatable. The design also lends a hand to a paddleboard that will last awhile and offer substantial longevity. 
  • Easy to Move: One of my favorite aspects of this iSUP is how easy it is to move around. The Tower Adventurer 2 provides exceptional portability. It can be deflated down to a small size, usually around the size of a small sleeping bag rolled up. Plus, you’ll find many carrying handles, so you don’t have to lug this thing around under your shoulder.

What's Included?

Just like most boards worth their salt, the Tower Adventurer 2 Inflatable 10’4″ SUP comes with some great accessories included. When buying this model, you’ll receive the board along with:

  • Basic SUP pump
  • 3-piece paddle made of fiberglass
  • Roll-up carrying strap
  • 2+11 fin configuration with removable center fin

Pros of the Tower Adventurer 2

We’re big fans of this board, so we found a lot to love from this Tower SUP. Here are a few of our favorite things about the Adventurer 2: 

  • Incredible Control

tower adventurer 2 overhead viewDue to the shape, size, and the board’s nose – the Adventurer 2 offers newbies and experienced riders amazing control on the water. You’ll be able to maneuver around better on this SUP than most other all-around boards – even in small waves or choppy water.

  • Fair Price

As one of the better SUP boards on the market, you’d expect the Tower Adventurer 2 to break the bank. However, the board is exceptionally well-priced. Compared to other high-priced boards – some might call it a steal.

  • High Durability

This inflatable standup paddle board is insanely durable. You’ll never have to worry about board cracks or dings again. We’re really happy with how well this board holds up during testing. We expect the thing to last quite a long time and offer more longevity than your average iSUP.

  • Stunning Rigidity

Inflatable paddle boards were once seen as inferior to epoxy boards. The Tower Adventurer 2 Inflatable 10’4″ SUP changes all that. With exceptional rigidity that offers similar strength to a piece of plywood, you’ll be amazed at how sturdy this board actually is on the water.

  • Comfortable Materials

Not only is the board sturdy and durable, but we found it to be quite comfortable, too. Standing on the board offers a lot of cushion to the bottom of your feet. Plus, your knees and ankles won’t have to take a beating if you want to do yoga on this paddleboard.

  • Super Easy to Transport

This iSUP can deflate down to the size of a sleeping bag. Then you can store it any place you like. It’s that easy. You can even check it on a plane for simple travel. Plus, pumping and deflating this device is simple with the pump that’s included.

Cons of this Model

While not SUP is perfect, this model came pretty darn close. Here is one thing we didn’t love about the Tower Adventurer 2 Inflatable 10’4″ SUP:

  • No Backpack

While this board comes with a roll-up carrying strap that allows for east storage, there is no backpack included. For SUP fanatics that like to keep the board on their back while walking around, this can be an issue.

Our Verdict

tower advetnurer 2Overall, this is one of the best all-around SUP boards on the market. If you haven’t noticed through our Tower Adventurer 2 review, we’re pretty big fans. Unless you’re an advanced surfer or paddler, we’re confident this iSUP will fit all of your needs and offer the type of longevity you’d want when making a big purchase.

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