Ideal Spots to SUP in Charlotte

4 Ideal Spots to SUP in Charlotte

North Carolina is an underrated state for nature lovers. Featuring mountains, lakes, rivers, and stunning beaches on the Atlantic coast – it’s hard to beat the state known more for basketball than wildlife.

We didn’t have high expectations with regards to paddleboard in Charlotte. The city isn’t located on the ocean and doesn’t have that many nature opportunities. However, we were more than pleasantly surprised.

4 Ideal Spots to SUP in Charlotte

There are a number of places to paddleboard in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. After little research on the board, here are the four best spots we found to SUP in Charlotte:

Lake Norman


  • Lake Norman

If you’re looking to paddleboard around Charlotte, then the only place to start is Lake Norman. The spot is close to the city, filled with stunning nature, and offers ideal SUP conditions on most days.

Truly one of the better lakes to paddleboard in North Carolina, here you’ll find a variety of paddleboard outfitters. We tried a few and decided that My Aloha Paddle seems to be the best Lake Norman SUP rental company.

With My Aloha Paddle, you can rent boards, take lessons, join yoga classes, and so much more. If you’re paddleboarding on Lake Norman, get in touch with these guys.

The Catawba River


  • The Catawba River

A slow moving waterway near Charlotte, the Catawba River offers the ideal place for beginner paddlers to hit the water. Here you’ll have less boat traffic, less paddlers, and almost no waves. What do you have? Absolutely stunning rivers views and wildlife galore!

Again, if you’re looking to paddleboard along the Catawba River, you’ll want to work with My Aloha Paddle. The company covers this locale, as well. While they don’t quite have the plethora of options here that can be found at Lake Norman, you’ll still find more than enough SUP opportunities here.

Mountain Island Lake


  • Mountain Island Lake

If you’re looking for an undeveloped lake to paddleboard near Charlotte, than Mountain Island Lake may be just the place for you. The lake offers exceptionally calm waters and undisturbed wildlife. There are many unique coves that allow paddlers to smoothly experience the nature without worry of waves.

For a great rental company in the area, we recommend Moose Paddleboard Co. The unique outfitter offers rentals and tours on Mountain Island Lake.

Lake Wylie


  • Lake Wylie

While there’s certainly arguments to be made, I personally found Lake Wylie to be the most scenic spot to SUP in Charlotte. The lake offers stunning nature, unique islands to paddle around, and so much more. While there are boats here, the mornings tend to be an amazing time to enjoy smooth waters – even on the weekends. Plus, the lake is big, so it’s easy to get away from the crowds.

We rented with The Goat Boater here. We found the small outfitter did a great job with SUP rentals and unique tours, as their guides are true lake experts.

SUP In Charlotte!

If you’re looking to paddleboard in Charlotte, you’re in luck. The great state of North Carolina offers a plethora of unique nature and wildlife, which ensures you can find some fun SUP spots. Happy paddling out there!

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