Perfect Places to SUP in San Diego, California

The Perfect Places to SUP in San Diego, California

San Diego is truly a paddle boarder’s dream. The city offers ideal weather all year and a plethora of unique SUP spots. From calm coastline to islands views, there’s a spot to SUP in San Diego for everyone.

While Hawaii, Colorado, and Florida are often mentioned as some of the best states to SUP in, it’s hard to imagine any single city beating San Diego in quality places to paddle around. We guarantee paddlers won’t get bored here.

5 Best Places to Paddleboard in San Diego, California

If you’re looking to SUP in San Diego, you may get overwhelmed. There’s places to SUP surf and calm spots ideal for smooth paddling. There truly are too many places here, but we will do our best to limit this list to the top five spots.

So without further ado, here are the five best places to SUP in San Diego:

La Jolla Cove


  • La Jolla Cove

The most scenic SUP spot in San Diego, La Jolla offers amazing cliff views and stunning beaches. The locale offers calm waters nearly year around. Plus, this spot is the sea life mecca on the whole California coast.

Paddlers at La Jolla Cove have seen sharks, jellyfish, sea turtles, and so much more. It’s a wildlife sanctuary location, so the sea life is second to none and the water can be crystal clear on sunny days.

We recommend coming here on weekdays, as the spot can get pretty crowded on the weekend. For rentals and tours, check out La Jolla Kayak. The local spot offers reasonably priced rentals and an ideal location to explore La Jolla.

Tidelands Park on Coronado Island


  • Tidelands Park on Coronado Island

One of the few “secret” spots to paddleboard in San Diego, Tidelands Park on Coronado Island is a must visit – just during the week. On the weekends, this place is also too packed to paddle around at.

Just five minutes over the bridge in the bay, you’ll find Tidelands Park. The local isn’t as clear as La Jolla, but still offers numerous bays, stunning views of the skyline, and a fancy marina that’s sure to entertain.

If you’re looking to SUP surf or just paddle around, check out SUP Coronado. They offer rentals and a variety of great tours.

Mission Bay


  • Mission Bay

It’s rare to find a SUP spot filled with salt water that’s man-made, but Mission Bay in San Diego accomplishes just that. The unique locale is highly protected and offers calm waters – no matter the conditions outside the bay.

Here you’ll find a number of active SUP fanatics. Many a day you’ll see people paddling around, fishing from their SUP, and even a yoga class on the water. Mission Bay is a popular SUP spot, but it never seems overcrowded.

If you’re looking to rent or take a tour here, we had great luck with Mission Bay Stand Up Paddle. The outfitter offers it all, including rentals, lessons, tours, and yoga classes. You’re sure to find your every SUP need here.

Dog Beach in Del Mar


  • Dog Beach in Del Mar

Dog Beach in Del Mar is more than unique. As the only beach where you can bring your dog in the area, Dog Beach also offers amazing SUP conditions. Here you’ll be able to enjoy flatwater paddling and SUP surfing in the same place .

Many a dog lover actually brings their pup to this beach and then takes the furball out on their SUP. This may be the only place in the world where you’ll see dogs paddling around just as much as humans. Kidding, but their are a lot of human and dog combos on their SUPs.

If you’re looking to rent here, why not bring your dog and check out SUP Pups Paddleboard. The outfitter offers lessons for your furry friends to feel comfortable on the water and so much more.

The Shores of Coronado Island


  • The Shores of Coronado Island

For individuals looking to enjoy some SUP surfing, The Shores at Coronado Island offer an ideal setting in San Diego. This isn’t a flatwater spot, but it’s ideal for all levels of SUP surfers – from beginner to expert.

There are no rocks or reefs here, just sandbar breaks. With a number of peaks, there are a variety of lineups here – so you won’t feel too crowded. Still, we recommend coming on a weekday if possible.

Again, SUP Coronado will be your best bet for rentals and lessons here. They do a great job servicing both sides of the island.

SUP In San Diego!

If you want to paddleboard in San Diego, you won’t be disappointed. With a number of world-class spots, there’s always a new paddling adventure around the corner. Start with La Jolla and work your way through our top five!

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