Perfect Places to Paddleboard in Minneapolis

The Perfect Places to Paddleboard in Minneapolis

While you can’t paddleboard in Minneapolis for a few months of the year, it should be no surprise there are some good spots in the state. When it’s hot, you have over 10,000 lakes to choose from, after all. With so many lakes to SUP in Minnesota, you could never hit them all. Luckily, we dove in and found the best spots. We paddled all around the state during the summer months and enjoyed as many lakes as we could.

SUP in Minneapolis

And what did we found after so many hours of paddle boarding? The five best paddleboard spots in Minneapolis. Here they are:

Lake Minnetonka


  • Lake Minnetonka

If you’re in the Minneapolis area, there’s no better places to paddleboard in Minnesota than lake Minnetonka. Why? Because the lake offers easy access to everything you’ll need and some stunning views.

Just a short drive from downtown Minneapolis, this lake offers smooth waters, great views, and convenience. You’ll definitely want to check out Wai Nani here. The outfitter may be the best we’ve come across throughout the United States.

Wai Nani offers paddleboard rentals, sales, lessons, yoga classes, social happy hour paddles, and so much more. No matter your SUP in Minneapolis needs, these guys have you taken care of.

The Chain of Lakes


  • The Chain of Lakes

Another ideal paddleboard excursion near the big city is the Chain of Lakes. Around Minneapolis, you’ll find four main lakes – Calhoun, Isles, Cedar, and Brownie. These lakes form a chain around the city near Uptown. Combined these four lakes off a 13-mile loop around the city.

This paddleboard adventure is ideal for beginners or paddlers just looking to relax. The best place to start is at Lake Calhoun. Here you’ll find a solid rental outfitter Wheel Fun Rentals. They do a great job and make SUP boarding in the chain of lakes simple.

Lake Nokomis


  • Lake Nokomis

A lake less traveled – if you’re looking to paddleboard away from the crowd, then Lake Nokomis is ideal. Here you’ll find little boat traffic, a stunning beach entry point, and great views. If you don’t like waves or motors around, this could be the best SUP spot for you.

The lake annually hosts some paddleboard races and events, which can be a lot of fun for paddlers of all ages. If you’re looking for rentals at Lake Nokomis, check out Hoigaard’s. The outfitter does a solid job here.

The Mississippi River


  • The Mississippi River

Surprisingly cleaner than one would expect, you can SUP in the Mississippi River near Minneapolis. There are several access points all across the Twin Cities, and the views from the river ensure you’ll see downtown like never before.

For rentals and tours on the river, make sure to check out Stand Up MN. The unique paddleboard organization great pricing and a unique experience on the MIssissippi. Highly recommended.

White Bear Lake


  • White Bear Lake

Another absolutely ideal paddleboard spot in Minneapolis, White Bear Lake features amazing views, smooth waters, and a location close to the city. For many in North Minneapolis, this spot has become their preferred place to paddle.

While there aren’t as many amenities as other lakes, you can still find a solid sales and rental company here. If you need anything SUP related at White Bear, make sure to check out Hi Tempo Water Sports.

Paddleboard in Minneapolis

Due to the plethora of lakes near by, you have options when wanting to SUP in Minneapolis. A lot of them! For spring and summer months, the city can hold its own with the other top SUP cities in all the United States. In need of a board? Go here to view our buying guide.

Happy paddling!

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