Paddleboard Fishing- Your Go-To Guide to Catching the Big One

Paddleboard Fishing: Your Go-To Guide to Catching the Big One

SUP sports have taken off in recent years. From surfing to racing to yoga – there are a plethora of activities you can do from your board. It’s time to add paddleboard fishing to the list.

Paddleboards and fishing are a match made in heaven. There’s no noise. You cruise smoothly atop the water while you look down at the potential fishes swimming below.

There’s not much that competes with peacefully paddling around before reeling in the big one. SUP fishing allows you to be closer to nature than most other anglers. You’re almost in the water with the fish themselves.

SUP Fishing Safety

Before you head out paddleboard fishing, you need to understand a few things. First, you need to be an experienced paddle boarder before you take out fishing gear on the board.

Fishing gear is expensive. There will be sharp items around when fishing. If you’re not confident about your paddleboard skills and staying on balance, then don’t try SUP fishing just yet.

Think about trying to stay on balance while reeling in a big fish. If you’re not a paddle expert, you’ll end up in the water in no time. If you’re in the ocean, this could be pretty dangerous with fish blood already in the water.

You should also have experience fishing before trying to cast away on a paddleboard. Make sure you know how to tie hooks, select the right lures, take a fish off the line, and more.

The Benefits of Paddleboard Fishing

Now that we have the safety protocol out of the way, let’s talk about why SUP fishing is so much fun. Here are just a few of the benefits of fishing from your paddleboard:

  • Hard to Reach Spots: Fishing paddleboards are designed to reach the impossible to get to spots. With a SUP, you can get to the places you can’t reach from the shore or in a big boat.
  • Great Agility: Paddleboards have more agility than kayaks. You’ll have the agility to chase the fish while on one of these boards. You’ll be able to quickly change spots when the fish are all gone.
  • Incredible Views: Paddleboard fishing allows you to see the water around you better than anyone else. You get a bird’s eye view of where the fish are. Having this incredible field of vision while fishing is a lot of fun.
  • No Noise: You won’t scare the fish away while cruising around on your paddleboard. SUPs are virtually silent on the water. You’ll be able to surprise that big one before you know it.
  • Standing Space: You’ll have ample space to stand up, paddle, and cast away on your SUP. As boards are designed to easily allow paddling space, you won’t have any issue casting on a SUP.

Ideal SUP Fishing Spots

Now, you can’t just go fishing on your paddleboard anywhere you want to. You need to carefully select the ideal locale. Obviously, the most important aspect is how calm the water is.

Paddleboard fishing takes skill. You got to be careful when you’re out there. That means finding calm water that has fish in it. You don’t want to fish where people try to surf. Rivers with strong currents aren’t good, either.

Here are a few of the best SUP fishing spots:

  • Ponds
  • Lakes
  • Bays
  • Slow Rivers
  • Calm Ocean

The Right Board For Fishing

Not all SUP boards are made for fishing. In fact, most of them won’t work well for anglers. A SUP made for yoga or racing may not provide the ideal platform for casting away. Anglers looking to paddle around have two options… Buy a fishing paddleboard. Many companies make boards specifically designed for fishing. These SUPs have rod holders, fishing boxes for storage, deck organizers, and many other features. One of our favorite models is the:

California Board Company 11 ft. Angler Fishing Stand Up Paddle Board

If you just want to give fishing on your SUP a try, you may be able to use your all-around SUP for fishing. If you have a board that’s 11′ or longer and wide, it could work. The key is making sure your board is stable enough for casting and reeling in the big one. If it is, you’ll need to find a way to attach your fishing gear, too. Many use elastic straps and tie-downs to ensure their gear stays attached to the board while fishing.

calboard company

Paddleboard Fishing Gear

You’ll definitely want to have a few things on your board while fishing. There’s a plethora of SUP fishing gear that’s important to bring. Anglers need to consider that any fishing SUP should be able to hold:

  • Bait Tray
  • Fishing Rod Holder
  • Fish Finder
  • Downrigger
  • Cooler
  • Downrigger

…And more!

Paddleboard Fishing Like the Pros

Overall, SUP fishing is emerging. It’s better to fish from a paddleboard than a kayak. Plus, if you already have an all-around SUP, you’ll only need to grab some fishing gear before hitting the water. Make sure to check out all of our reviews here.

If you enjoy fishing, give it a shot on your paddleboard. Many find the experience allows an angler to get closer to the fish than ever before. And don’t forget to be prepared. You never know when the big one will bite!

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