Fantastic Places to Paddleboard in Oregon

5 Fantastic Places to Paddleboard in Oregon

While there are a lot of amazing places to SUP in the United States, Oregon may be the best. Sure, Florida has the warm ocean waters and Colorado has stunning mountain views, but Oregon still comes close to the top. Why?

Because Oregon has it all! From stunning mountain lakes, to beautiful river gorges, to pristine ocean waters, to the Bend – you’ll never run out of ideal places to paddle board in Oregon. Actually, the opposite is true.

You may be overwhelmed with all the options as you haul your paddleboard into the northwest. Luckily, we did the research and development for you. After paddling all over this great state, we narrowed it down to our top five favorite places to SUP in Oregon.

5 Fantastic Places to Paddleboard in Oregon

So without further ado, let’s dive in and look at some of the best places to paddle around in Oregon:

Elk Lake


  • Elk Lake

Talk about picturesque! Elk Lake is the definition of a stunning place to paddleboard in Oregon. Located in the Bend, Elk Lake offers amazing beaches, stunning views, and calm waters in the morning and evening – ideal for paddlers. The views of Mt. Bachelor and the South Sister make this a can’t miss spot on the SUP in Oregon trail.

Elk Lake Resort and Marina make renting all things aquatic easy, while also providing great amenities. If you need to rent a paddleboard at Elk Lake, this is the only place you’ll need to check out.

Cannon Beach


  • Cannon Beach

If you’re looking to SUP in some saltwater, then Cannon Beach may be the best paddleboard in Oregon location for you. While you won’t be in the big waves on the Pacific here, you’ll find smooth channel waters and cruising creeks a great time. You may even be able to paddle around “Graveyard of the Pacific” – a passing where 2,000 ships have sunk.

For rentals and tours in the area, get in touch with Clatsop Paddle Company. While they’re pricey, they seem to offer the best services in the area – an area that is world-class with regards to paddle boarding.

Devil’s Lake


  • Devil’s Lake

If you’re looking to paddleboard in Oregon and get some great Instagram photos, than Devil’s Lake is absolutely ideal. Featuring crystal clear water and mountain views, you’d be hardpressed to find a more picturesque location.

As you paddle around here, you’ll be able to see numerous trout and aquatic life below you. The water is shallow and cool throughout the year, even on hot summer days. For rentals, you can check out these guys.

The Deschutes River


  • The Deschutes River

One of the smoothest paddleboard spots in Bend, Deschutes River offers numerous take off points and calm waters. The easiest being Drake Park located in downtown Bend. With scenic views extending for miles on end, the location is ideal for beginners looking to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Rentals are also easy here. There are a variety of rental companies in Bend, including one of our favorites – Tumalo Creek. They rent paddleboards along with nearly every other aquatic equipment you could think of.

Portland Paddleboard


  • Portland Paddleboard

While the big city of Portland, Oregon may not seem like a paddlers’ dream, it’s easily accessible for many nature enthusiasts and offers a variety of waterways to choose from. For many residents, the Willamette River is ideal. Located next to downtown, the river offers smooth waters and stunning views of the city and nature alike.

If you’re looking to rent a paddleboard in Portland, make sure to check out Portland Paddle. The company offers rentals in the city, along with a plethora of paddleboard tours all over the stunning state of Oregon.

Paddleboard in Oregon 101

These are five of our favorite places to Paddleboard in Oregon. But the state offers so much. With miles of coastline, endless lakes and rivers, and more – you’ll never get bored paddling in this scenic state.

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