How Much Do Paddle Boards Cost

How Much Do Paddle Boards Cost?

SUP boarding has become extremely popular these days. Why? Because you do it on just about every type of water. From oceans to rivers and lakes, paddle boarding is something you can do almost anywhere.

For this reason, many have fell in love with the sport. Some have even considered buying a SUP of their own. When this comes around, you probably start to wonder how much do paddle boards cost.

Paddleboard Pricing 101

Now, there’s a number of factors to think about when looking at how much does paddle boards cost. As such, there’s really no straightforward answer here. But we will do our best to give you some information.

Generally, paddle boards cost between $400 to $3,000 USD.

Now, that’s a pretty wide range. So, we’re going to need to break things down a little further. You’ll typically find costs fall into these type ranges:

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    High priced SUPs are usually lightweight and created for racing or other competitions.
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    Cheap SUPs are usually all-around boards made with average materials.
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    Epoxy SUPs tend to be pricer than inflatable SUPs, but that’s not always the case.

Just know that these figures and suggestions depend on numerous factors. Paddleboard pricing is variable and too many things play a role in what you’ll pay.

Understanding Costs of Stand Up Paddle Boards

To further detail paddleboard costs, let’s take a look at what to look for when buying a SUP. With so many paddleboard options, it’s important to understand what you’re buying and why you’re paying extra for it.

Here’s what to know about paddleboard prices and options:

Type of Board

The first thing you must look at is the type of SUP you’re buying. Specialized SUPs tend to be more expensive than all-around or basic models, although this varies to.

Common paddleboard types include:

  • All-Around
  • Touring
  • Surfing
  • Racing
  • Yoga
  • Fishing
  • …And more!

As you can see, there are a lot of paddleboard types available. Racing SUPs are often some of the more expensive boards.

Surfing touring, and fishing paddle boards can all get up there in price, too. All-around boards are usually created with novice paddlers in mind. As such, these boards are often a little cheaper than others on the list.

Epoxy or Inflatable

Once you know the type of board you’re thinking about buying, you’ll need to decide whether you want an inflatable board or an epoxy, hard style board.

Generally, this is a pretty easy decision for most people. If you don’t live at the ocean, lake, or river, then an inflatable board is so much easier to use and travel with. If you do live within walking distance of a body of water, then a hard, epoxy SUP can be ideal.

From a paddleboard costs perspective, inflatable boards are usually a little cheaper to make because it requires less material to create them. While this is not always true, it’s a good rule of thumb.

Size Wise

While you often pay more for a larger paddleboard, this isn’t always the case. Certain small style boards, like some SUP surf boards, will end up costing more than a giant all-around board.

Paddle boards tend to be between 9-14’ long. For beginners, most find a 10-11’ SUP to be an ideal option. Width also matters with a paddleboard. Most SUPs are 28-36” wide.

The ideal length and width will depend on how much weight the board should carry and what type of activities you do on the SUP. All-around paddle boards created for beginners should have more total volume to provide extra stability for inexperienced riders.

Materials Matter

The type of material a paddleboard is made of will often determine how much you pay Certain materials last much long and often cost much more. For example, an epoxy SUP made of mostly fiberglass or carbon fiber will cost a pretty penny.

On the other hand, an inflatable board made of military-grade PVC might be much cheaper because the material simply isn’t as sturdy or expensive to produce.

Package Included?

Most all-around paddle boards come with a full accessories package. This includes things like a carrying case, pump, leashes, paddle, and more. The idea is you can buy one item and have everything you need to hit the water when it arrives.

This also adds to the cost, as paddleboard companies don’t just give these accessory packages away for charity.

On the other hand, certain specialized boards don’t include accessories packages even though the boards are expensive. This is because at different levels of paddling you begin to buy specialized accessories tailormade to your needs.

How Much Does a Paddle Board Cost: A Couple Quick Examples

Alright, now that we know the factors that contribute to paddleboard pricing, let’s take a look at a few examples.

By looking at the examples below, you’ll get a better idea of how much does a paddle board cost:

Example 1: Well-Priced All-Around Paddleboard

Tower Paddle Boards Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package - Adventurer 2 - 10'4"

Tower Paddle Boards Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package - Adventurer 2 - 10'4"

This is one of the best all-around SUPs for beginners and intermediate paddlers. An inflatable model, this SUP comes complete with a full accessories package and is made with military-grade materials for extra durability.

With the Tower Paddle Boards Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Adventurer 2 isn’t the cheapest SUP on the market, it’s by no means high priced. In fact, we believe this paddleboard offers incredible value for those new to the market.

Ideal For?: Any individual or family looking to get serious about all-around paddling. Great value SUP!

Example 2: Cheap, But Awesome SUP

SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 

SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

If you want a paddleboard that won’t break the bank, but still works well – the SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is what you need. This SUP is one of the cheaper ones we tested, but still cuts through the water and is incredibly stable.

A SUP is an investment and if you’re not ready to spend big bucks yet, this is the best starter SUP we’ve found recently. With a wide design and non-slip deck, you’re sure to stay on balance on this sturdy paddleboard.

Ideal For?: Newbies to the SUP world looking to buy their first board. SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board offers incredible value for a quality product!

Cost of a Paddleboard: Everything You Need to Know

Paddle boards usually aren’t cheap, but a new SUP doesn’t have to break the bank, either. For newbies to the sport, there’s tons of all-around boards tailormade for beginners. Boards just like the Tower Adventurer 2, that offer incredible value for a low price.

If you have any questions about how much does a paddleboard cost, feel free to comment below.

Happy paddling!

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