SUP Paddles Review- Your Go-To Guide

The Best SUP Paddles of 2018

We get it. The paddle is never as fun as the board. Why should you care about the best SUP paddles? Why did we want to write this review?

For one reason and one reason only: without a paddle, you can’t go anywhere on your board. You could have the best, most technologically advanced paddleboard on the market, but without the paddle, you’re not going anywhere.

This best SUP paddles review was created because a high-quality paddle is almost as valuable as a great SUP. They go hand-in-hand. You can’t have one without the other. That’s just the nature of paddle boarding.

Common SUP paddle materials include:

  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood

Best SUP Paddles Review: Your Go-To Guide

Now, most paddleboards come with an included paddle. We find around 70% of the boards we test out include a paddle. That’s a pretty decent chunk. If you’re buying a beginner board, then it’ll likely come with a paddle. Some yoga boards and racing models don’t include a paddle.

The issue is most of the included paddles aren’t of the highest quality. Some high-quality paddle boards come with cheap, low-quality SUP paddles. If you’re going to invest good money in a great SUP, you might as well buy a high-quality paddle, too.

So check the best SUP paddles review below. Throughout testing, these paddles were our favorite:

SurfTech Venture Aluminum Shaft SUP Paddle


SurfTech Venture Aluminum Shaft SUP Paddle

It’s rare we say this, but the SurfTech Venture Aluminum Shaft SUP Paddle gives you way more than what you pay for. Coming in at around $100, this SUP paddle is priced to please. You’ll get a lot of value here.

A crossover paddle, you can use this model in both calm and choppy water. It’s versatile, durable, and lightweight. The plastic blade offers an angled 12 degrees that has a structural rib.

For rookie paddlers looking to cruise like the pros, the SurfTech Venture Aluminum Shaft SUP Paddle is tough to beat. One of the highest-rated models available, this SUP paddle is almost indestructible, too. A small investment in your paddle will last a long time here.

Rave Performance 3-Piece Aluminum SUP Paddle

Rave Performance 3-Piece Aluminum SUP Paddle

If you’re a beginner looking for an upgrade to the paddle included with your board, the Rave Performance 3-Piece Aluminum SUP Paddle is the best option. You can find one of these SUP paddles for under $70 these days – which is crazy cheap for such a great paddle.

Coming in three different pieces, this paddle is crazy easy to put together. It connects easily and is even quicker to take apart. The model uses a middle button to release the paddle when needed. The 3-piece design ensures storing this SUP paddle is simple and doesn’t take up much space.

If you want to go faster on your board or are seeking a smoother ride, this paddle can help It’s great for beginner and intermediate paddleboarders. The innovative “Qwik Snap” system allows you to adjust the length to suit your needs and size.

While the Rave Performance 3-Piece Aluminum SUP Paddle is not an option for professional, serious paddlers – this high-quality budget paddle is sure to please everyone else.

Sawyer Mana Rip 90 Wood/Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

Sawyer Mana Rip 90 Wood Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

If you’re a pro-level paddleboard fanatic, then the Sawyer Mana Rip 90 Wood/Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle is your model of choice. This bad boy offers an exceptionally light carbon fiber shaft that has an 11-degree blade angle. Due to the nature of the paddle, you can expect high performance from the model.

While not cheap, the paddle is handmade in the USA and offers an amazing no-flutter catch. This stems from the fan profile and the dual-scoop dihedral power face.

If you plan to spend hours upon hours on the water paddle, then the Sawyer Mana Rip 90 Wood/Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle is ideal. The unique curved palm grip ensures your hands stay comfortable all day long.

You’ll get insane power with every stroke of this SUP paddle. There’s no doubt – the pros use this Sawyer Mana paddle.

Your Go-To Best SUP Paddles Review Guide

If you’re looking to take your paddleboard game to the next level or just need a new paddle, the three models above are the best we’ve tested. No matter your need, you’ll find the perfect model for you in the guide above.

Happy paddling!