Paddleboard Bag Reviews- Your Go-To Guide

Paddleboard Bag Reviews: Your Go-To Guide

Paddleboard bag reviews? Not the most exciting topic we’ve covered on the blog, but hear me out…

If you’ve invested in a paddleboard, you know how pricey a SUP can be. While they provide hours upon hours of amazing entertainment for you, your friends, and family – the devices certainly aren’t cheap.

As such, it’s worth it to invest in items that protect your board. That’s why we created this post on paddleboard bag reviews. Because without a solid bag, your investment may be in harm’s way.

What’s a SUP Bag?

A SUP board bag is like it sounds – a bag you put your paddleboard in when you’re not using it. Nothing more, nothing less. By using these bags, you can keep your investment in a SUP board safe – while keeping the aesthetic appeal of the board in tip-top shape.

SUP Bag 101: The majority of paddleboards get damaged outside the water!

The Many Benefits of a Solid Paddleboard Bag

Now, the best SUP bags on the market offer features that ensure added protection. See, the paddleboard bags reviews we did found a few important features to look for. Here are a few of the many benefits of SUP board bags:

  • Cushioned Protection: If you buy a solid bag, your paddleboard will have cushioning while in storage. The best bags are all filled with an extra layer of protection for your board. And once you start using you board, you’ll quickly realize that most damage is done to the board outside of the water. As such, you need to keep the board safe when not in use and that’s where the cushioning comes into play.
    P.S: Never place your SUP board in a bag wet. Mold could develop, and that’s just nasty!
  • Heat Protection: Most of us paddleboard in warm weather, at least some of the time. As such, you need to protect your board from the heat. A proper paddleboard bag will offer a metallic covering that is reflective, which will protect your board from too much heat.
  • Shoulder Strap Benefits: Last, but not least – a SUP bag comes complete with a shoulder strap that makes lugging your big board around super easy. The convenience of a bag with a shoulder strap is a huge benefit for all paddlers, especially the smaller ones.

My SUP Board Came With a Bag…

Many SUP boards come with a carrying bag these days, even the cheaper models. Some models come with great bags, while others come with subpar paddleboard bagging. You’ll need to do an inspection to determine if your included bag is good or not.

To begin, check the foam protection or cushioning. Is there ample padding? If not, the bag is no good. Next, make sure there’s a reflective covering to block heat. If not, the bag is worthless. Lastly, look to see where the fins go. Good paddle bags take into account the fins when they’re attached to the board and when they’re not.

We’ve found that around 50-60% of included bags are absolute rubbish. They either don’t do their job properly or they breakdown after a little wear and tear.

If you find your board’s bag isn’t any good, continue reading our paddleboard bag reviews below.

The Top 3 Paddleboard Bags

Alright, let’s dive into the best paddleboard bags on the market. Here are the top 3 SUP bags we tested out, in no particular order:

Curve Paddleboard Bag

Curve Paddleboard Bag

A New Zealand based company, Curve does paddleboard bags better than most. In fact, they produce some of the best SUP accessories in the world – bar none! A mid-range SUP bag, these bad boys go for about $150-200 per. However, they’re well worth the investment if you care about keeping your SUP safe. The Curve bags come in a multitude of sizes. No matter what board size you have, the company has a bag for your needs. The exterior of these paddle bags feature heat protection from reflective materials , waterproofing, and high-quality stitching.

Multiple straps ensure easy carrying, while an external pocket makes it easy to carry your paddle around, too. There’s Velcro straps for the fins and a few drain holes, too. A roomy bag, no matter the size, you’ll be able to carry all your SUP accessories here – along with a wet suit. Overall, this may be the best SUP board bag on the market in the mid-range of pricing. Curve does a great job of protecting your board and features a plethora of intelligent design features. Highly recommended.

SurfStow SUP Transport Deluxe Board Bag

SurfStow SUP Transport Deluxe Board Bag

Another ideal mid-range SUP board bag, the SurfStow is incredibly lightweight – yet heavily padded product. For boards that need an added level of protection beyond what a typical bag may offer, this product does the job.

Filled with features, you’ll find an external pocket for the paddle and drainage areas inside. The SurfStow SUP Transport Deluxe Board Bag also offers Velcro fin slots and interior hold down straps for secure travels.

Many have found this bag to be amazing, and it’s one of the most highly reviewed available. We feel the same way. An added bonus, the SurfStow SUP Transport Deluxe Board Bag is so big in some sizes – you may be able to fit two boards in one bag!

Kore Dry SUP UV Cover

Kore Dry SUP UV Cover

While it’s not actually a “bag” for your SUP, sometimes you just want to keep the board out of the sun and away from harmful UV rays. This cover can help you with that. The Kore Dry SUP UV Cover comes in a plethora of sizes, and does its job. This cover will protect your board from the sun and heat.

If you’re a paddler with a carbon fiber board who lives in an extremely hot climate, we highly recommend this cover – if you ever plan to have your board outside for extended periods of time. Kore Dry claims this cover can keep your board 30 degrees cooler while eliminating UV rays damage.

And after testing, we believe that claim. This UV cover does its job, and then some.

SUP Bags: What You Need to Know

Before you buy a SUP board bag, there’s a few quick things to take note of. For example:

  • Bag Length and Board Length?: The good news is your SUP bag doesn’t have to match the length of your board perfectly. The bag should still be within 6” of the length of the board – in one way or another.
  • Long-Term Heat and Your Paddleboard?: While these bags are all designed to keep your board safe in the heat, it’s not a great idea to keep your board out in the sun all day when you’re not using it. Store your board in a dark, cool place the majority of the time and it will last significantly longer.

The Ideal Paddleboard Bag For You

After testing a few models, the three SUP bag reviews above proved to be are favorites. If you need a new bag or found the included bag doesn’t work that well, buying one of these models will certainly keep your paddleboard in tip-top shape.

Happy paddling!