5 Best Places to SUP in Florida

5 Best Places to SUP in Florida

Make no mistake about it. Florida is one of the best states to go paddle boarding. Colorado and California can compete, but Florida may still take the cake. There was a reason we did a whole article talking about the best SUP spots in Miami.

But what makes Florida such an ideal spot to paddle?

Well, the nature – of course! Florida offers the ideal natural landscape for all sorts of paddle activities. Surrounded by ocean on almost every side, Florida is filled with calm ocean waters, smooth bays, and fun channels to paddle on. You’ll find harbors and waterways around every corner.

Next, there’s also a number of lakes in the state and mangroves throughout the Everglades. Both of these places make ideal paddleboard spots. Combined with a number of other state parks and it’s easy to see why Florida may be the best state for paddleboard addicts.

5 Best Places to SUP in Florida

To be honest, it was pretty tough to pick only five great places to paddle around in the Sunshine State. Heck, we struggled to just find five great spots in Miami – as there were so many. But we did it after paddling around – a lot. A few sunburns were had, but that’s ok.

So, we threw out Miami spots, as we already covered them, and dialed in on five of the best paddle boarding spots in Florida. Here they are:

Bahia Honda State Park

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  • Bahia Honda State Park

Talk about ideal for SUP boarding, Bahia Honda State Park offers crystal clear blue waters, a remote location, and only the calmest of waters. Located in the Florida Keys, the park is just a short drive from Miami.

Bahia Honda features islands and is considered one of the best places to go birdwatching in Florida. You’ll also see stunning fish all around while paddling. You can rent kayaks in the park, but they currently do not offer paddleboard rentals. So make sure to bring your own.

Naples Area

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  • Naples Area

An upscale community on the beach in Florida, Naples offers the triple-threat when talking about paddle boarding. Here you’ll find calm ocean to paddle in, smooth waterways, and mysterious mangroves to snoop around in. No matter what type of paddling you enjoy, Naples has something for everyone.

While we could give you all the tips in the world for paddling in Naples, we recommend you check out Naples Paddleboard instead. The company offers rentals, sales, lessons, and tours. Anything and everything paddling in Naples can be handled through these pros.

Blowing Rocks Preserve

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  • Blowing Rocks Preserve

As one of the most beautiful locations in a stunning state like Florida, you know the paddle boarding around Blowing Rocks Preserve is absolutely amazing. As you paddle along the calm waterways here, you’ll be able to take in the island nature from every angle. You can even venture out to where the waves are breaking and see cool erosion holes.

If you’re looking to rent here, be sure to check out Paddle in Paradise. Located near the preserve in Jupiter, Florida – they offer great rates, solid service, and fun tours. You won’t regret it, especially if you get to see some sharks below your board at Blowing Rock.

Indian Key State Park

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  • Indian Key State Park

About a five minute paddle from the main strip of land in the Florida Keys, you’ll find the deserted island called Indian Key State Park. Surrounded by clear, calm waters the snorkeling and paddling here is fantastic. But the best part? The unique mangrove system that is absolutely ideal for paddling and seeing unique wildlife species.

If you have your own board and have paddled before, then getting to Indian Key isn’t too tough. For those looking to rent or take a tour, we recommend The Kayak Shack. The outfitter offers rentals, tours, and so much more.

Coastal Dunes Lake

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  • Coastal Dunes Lake

It’s rare you’ll find a SUP spot where you can enjoy both fresh and saltwater. Coastal Dunes Lake accomplishes that and so much more. Here you can paddle around the lake looking for alligators one minute, then walk 50 feet across fresh sand to the calm ocean and start looking for sharks and fish.

If you’re looking to rent a board and enjoy some adventure here, check out The Rental Shop 30A. As the premier rental company in the area, they offer fast delivery and great rates – truly the best way to enjoy paddling in Coast Dunes Lake.

SUP In Florida

As you can see, Florida may be one of the best places to SUP in the whole world. If you visit the Sunshine State, make sure to rent a board and do a little paddling around. We’re confident you won’t regret it.

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