Ideal Places to Paddleboard in NYC

4 Ideal Places to Paddleboard in NYC

NYC is known for many things. As the city that never sleeps, you’ll find world-class tourism, bumping nightlife, and high-end everything here. Surprisingly, you’ll also find a few amazing places to paddleboard in NYC.

NYC isn’t known for nature, but the city can hold it’s own in certain ways. If you need a break from all the hustle and bustle, you’ll find a few amazing places to SUP in NYC. Don’t just take our word for it.

Let’s check out the best places to paddleboard in NYC

The Hudson


  • The Hudson

Of course, the absolute best place to SUP in NYC is the Hudson River. Now, the Hudson isn’t the calmest place to paddleboard in the world, but the river certainly has its charms. You’ll want to have some SUP experience here or go on a guided tour to ensure you stay safe on the big river.

Why do people love SUP boarding on the Hudson River? The stunning views of the city skyline, of course! Paddling around the river will offer views of the city many never get to experience. And they are stunning!

If you want to rent a board here or go on a guided tour, then you’ll need to stop off at Pier 40. Here you’ll find the New York Kayak Company. The outfitter does a great job with paddleboards and offers both rentals and tours.

Jamaica Bay


  • Jamaica Bay

If you’re looking to get a little bit away from the big city and settle into some smooth SUP boarding around NYC, then Jamaica Bay could be the perfect spot for you. The protected bay location ensures smooth waters – making it the perfect place for beginners to enjoy paddling.

In Jamaica Bay, you’ll want to hit up Rock Away Jet Skis for all things paddleboarding. The outfitter offers rentals and unique tour opportunities. They also have all equipment you need, including wetsuits during certain months.

Croton Point Park


  • Croton Point Park

While technically still a part of the Hudson River, Croton Point Park is also a paddle spot of its own. Here you’ll find a small inlet that is perfect from any and all waves or traffic. As such, we’ve dubber Croton Point Park the premier place to paddleboard in NYC for beginners.

The park is just a little bit outside the city that never sleeps, but it feels like a whole different world due to the tranquility. Many families enjoy the park on the weekend and others love to have picnic dates here are a little paddleboard action.

While this may be a better place to bring your own board, you can also rent from Hudson River Recreation. They have a location in the park that provides perfect convenience for a day of paddling.

Port Washington


  • Port Washington

Now we’re getting out of the city completely. Port Washington is a SUP spot outside of NYC that offers the stunning nature and ideal relaxation you need. Many consider the spot something like a mini-Hamptons that’s a little closer to the city.

While that’s a bit of an oversell, there’s no denying the location is ideal and the nature stunning. SUP boarding in Port Washington can be quite a lot of fun. We enjoyed a full weekend here just a few months back and loved it.

You’ll want to work with Kostal Paddle here. They offer everything. From rentals to tours to SUP yoga and surfing – you’ll never run out of fun when working with this outfitter.


Paddle boarding in NYC is underrated. You can find a number of amazing places around the city – and we didn’t even mention SUP spots in the Hamptons! If you’re looking to escape the big city and enjoy some nature for a few hours, SUP boarding in NYC is a great way to do it.

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