Best Kayak Fishing Accessories

The Best Kayak Fishing Accessories (2019 Reviews)

So you’re interested in what the best kayak fishing accessories are…

Maybe you’ve thought about getting a fishing kayak for some time and you finally pulled the trigger -- congratulations!

Maybe you’ve had a fishing kayak for some time and are looking to expand its capabilities -- bravo!

OR Maybe you are getting a gift for a friend that you know is a kayak fishing fanatic -- they’re sure to love anything on this list! Just make sure they don’t have it already.

No matter where you’re coming from, this article will give you 10 of the absolute best kayak fishing accessories that exist.

Let’s kick things off with a few honorable mentions.

editor's choice

Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar

Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar - GPS Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder for Shore and Ice Fishing
  • High spec castable sonar
  • Inbuilt GPS for live mapping
  • Rock solid smartphone connectivity

best value

Extrasport Kayak Fishing Life Jacket

Extrasport Osprey Canoe/Kayak Rafting Fishing Personal Flotation Device/Life Jacket
  • Affordable
  • Multi-use + storage
  • Might actually save your life

Taking Your Kayak from Good to Great With Fishing Accessories

Accessories are great and many of you will enjoy the process of thinking about how best to organize your fishing kayak and all of your gear as well as mounting these accessories.

It’s a lot like working on your own engine -- there’s something satisfying about it that you just can’t describe.

However, when all is said and done, there are three questions to ask yourself before adding an accessory:

Questions to ask before buying kayak fishing accessories

  1. Will this help me catch more fish?
  2. Will this enhance my fishing experience?
  3. Will I actually use this accessory?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions: Buy it! It will bring you more value than the cost that you paid for it.

If you can answer “Yes” to 2 out of the 3 questions then you’ll have to make that call yourself.

But if, for a given accessory, you ask yourself these three questions and the answer to all of them is “No”: Do not get the accessory.


There are a few accessories that may not help you catch more fish (per se) but are still worth buying and those would be safety accessories such as a PFD (personal flotation device) and a visibility lights. You could say that a life jacket doesn’t help you catch more fish but if you drown with a monster on the line it’ll be the last fish you ever hook. The same thing applies for getting run over by a speed boat because they didn’t see you.

One of the reasons that we are drawn to kayaks is that the open water has an element of danger and uncertainty. Taking precautions isn’t necessarily sexy but neither is being stupid.

Best Kayak Fishing Accessories

Every single one of these is the best kayak fishing accessory for their respective purposes. You can add just one of them to your kayak or, as many kayak anglers do, you can go all out and get all of them.

Without further ado, here are 10 of the best kayak fishing accessories.

1. Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar

Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar - GPS Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder for Shore and Ice Fishing

Why it’s awesome:

  • Spend more time fishing and less time looking
  • Fish from the shore, ice or kayak

The thing every shore fisherman wished for since he was a little kid trying to imagine what the bottom of the lake, ocean or river looked like. This smart sonar system tethers easily to your smartphone just like a wifi hotspot (but you DO NOT need wifi for it to work). This is superior to bluetooth connection models.

Why Choose This Model?

The Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar system has established itself as the absolute best smart sonar system available. You cannot go wrong with this accessory and if you learn how to use it I can guarantee that you will catch more fish.

2. Acrodo Dry Bag

Acrodo Dry Bag Patented Waterproof Backpack - Black 15 Liter Floating Sack for Beach, Kayaking, Swimming, Boating, Camping, Travel & Gifts

Why it’s awesome:

  • Side buckles for versatility
  • Durable build
  • Colors!

The weather changes quickly so bringing extra clothing is a good idea. The same applies for your phone. But you don’t want either of them to get wet so what do you?

You get a dry bag.

Why Choose This Model?

It comes in tons of colors, straps allow you to carry it like a backpack, and, most importantly, it will keep your stuff dry. The Acrodo Dry Bag is one of the coolest dry bags you can buy and the price is extremely affordable.

3. Extreme Max Folding Anchor Kit

Extreme Max 3006.6548 BoatTector Complete Grapnel Anchor Kit for Small Boats, Kayaks, PWC, Jet Ski, Paddle Boards, etc. - 3.5 lbs

Why it’s awesome:

  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Affordable

For the most part, an anchor is an anchor but I’ll tell you a story about that.

I once thought that I didn’t need an anchor and tied a rock to a rope as a substitute. It sort of worked, but only for about half an hour and then the current got strong and it came loose.

Don’t be a numbskull like me -- just get an anchor.

Why Choose This Model?

Like I said, anchors don’t need to be fancy. The Extreme Max Folding Anchor is super affordable, compact, and it’s durable enough that it won’t let you down.

4. Scotty Powerlock Rod Holder

Scotty #230-BK Powerlock Black Rod Holder with #241 Side Deck Mount

Why it’s awesome:

  • Easy setup
  • Fits any fishing pole
  • Good customer reviews

A lot of fishing kayaks come with a swivel rod holder but you may want another. You can also turn a non-fishing kayak into a fishing kayak with a few additions and this is one of them.

Why Choose This Model?

Tons of people have bought the Scotty Powerlock Rod Holder and have been very satisfied with their purchase so you really can’t go wrong with this one. Also comes in a few different colors so you can blend it to your particular model of fishing kayak.

5. YETI Flip 8” Cooler

YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler

Why it’s awesome:

  • Compact
  • Holds ice forever
  • Best darn cooler out there

Those of you that have never had the pleasure of using a YETI cooler may balk at the price, but those of us that have owned a YETI know that the price is actually a steal. Who knew that a cooler could be so high tech?

Why Choose This Model?

YETI makes all kinds of great stuff but this soft bodied cooler is just about a square foot and it holds ice for days. It’s the perfect cooler for kayak anglers.

6. Extrasport Kayak Fishing Life Jacket

Extrasport Osprey Canoe/Kayak Rafting Fishing Personal Flotation Device/Life Jacket

Why it’s awesome:

  • Multiple storage options
  • Tastefully designed
  • Comfortable

Not wearing a life jacket while kayak fishing is kind of like going down a creek without a paddle: You might be okay, but you’re putting your life into the hands of fate and there’s a good chance that you’ll drown if things go wrong.

Why Choose This Model?

If a fly fishing vest and a PFD had a child together it would be the Extrasport Kayak Fishing Life Jacket. There’s no good reason not to wear a life jacket so you might as well get some fishing features out of it too. With this PFD you can be safe, look slick, and catch more fish.

7. Scotty Bait Board

Scotty #455 Bait Board, No Mount

Why it’s awesome:

  • Mountable
  • Customizable
  • Accesorizable!

At first glance a bait board looks like the most boring accessory that you could buy but that’s not the case at all. This simple board can be mounted onto your kayak in a bunch of different ways and then other cool accessories can be mounted onto it!

Why Choose This Model?

The Scotty Bait Board is incredibly versatile. It doesn’t come with the mount so you can build something from Ace Hardware if you’re a DIY guy or you can get buy a separate mount. Either way, the list of uses for this bait board is endless and you can’t go wrong with the Scotty.

8. Freestone Outfitters Fishing Net

Fly Fishing Net with Clear Rubber Basket (Net Only)

Why it’s awesome:

  • Clear rubber mesh doesn’t harm the fish
  • Polished wood, not cheap metal
  • A beautiful addition to your kayak

If you are fishing for catch and release then the goal is to land the fish, get a good look at the beautiful beasty, then gently remove the hook and set him free. If you are fishing for keeps then, obviously, the fish going anywhere but in your cooler is a loss. Whatever your goal is, a fishing net will help you achieve it.

Why Choose This Model?

If you like the classic wood and clear rubber look then this is definitely your net. You can get metal and mesh nets for a little cheaper but I personally like this one because it is large and oval shaped and I dig the polished wood finish.

9. YakAttack Flag and Ready Light

YakAttack VISICarbon Pro Mighty Mount and Geartrac Ready Light

Why it’s awesome:

  • Lightweight
  • High Visibility
  • Great Safety Features

This is another one of those safety features that isn’t the most exciting accessory in the world but if you’re fishing in a place where speedboats frequent it’s a really good idea to have a flag and lights. Luckily this is both of those things wrapped into one.

Why Choose This Model?

This YakAttack Flag and Ready Light is super high quality. It’s made of carbon fiber so it won’t weigh you down and it runs for 100 hours on 3 AAA batteries.

It’s your responsibility to be visible on the water -- make it happen with the YakAttack.

10. Yak Gear Kayak Angler Crate Kit

YakGear 01-0026-01 Kayak Angler Kit in Crate, Starter Kit

Why it’s awesome:

  • Provides multiple options and ideas for mounting
  • Designed with kayak anglers in mind
  • More than just a milk crate

It looks like just a milk crate, and in a way it is, but it’s really the centerpiece of your fishing kayak accessories. This crate comes with two rod holders and a gear pouch which attaches to the crate but this is also a great place to attach your anchor -- keep it in the crate and your anchor will be out of the way but dropping anchor will be as easy as reaching behind you.

Why Choose This Model?

If you already have a milk crate lying around it’s perfectly fine to use that one but here’s the thing, this one comes with rod holders and an accessory pouch so you could almost say that your paying for those things and getting the milk crate for free!

Benefits of Tricking Out Your Fishing Kayak

In a sport where space is at a premium and there are so many great gear options, this list should help you figure out how you want to make your fishing kayak uniquely yours.

Kayak fishing accessories can:

  • Help you catch more big fish
  • Keep you organized so you don’t lose your mind
  • Personalize your kayak to fit your unique individual needs

You’ll have a ton of fun putting together your fishing kayak and optimizing it however you want but it pales in comparison to how much fun you’ll have actually using it on the water and catching fish.

Best Kayak Fishing Accessories: The Ultimate Guide in 2019

Picture yourself on the water.

After a short, leisurely paddle you’ve arrived at one of your favorite fishing spots (only your close friends know where it is). You secure your paddle before reaching behind you to drop anchor, grab your tackle box and bait, and start setting things up on your bait tray.

You know there are fish under you because you scouted the area with your sonar fish finder and marked all of the good spots.

Your bait is ready so you put your tools back and grab your rod out of its handy rod holder. You cast and a smile appears on your face as the bait flies through the air -- you can tell it’s going to be a good day.

Customizing your fishing kayak is great fun but, at the end of the day, you just want to get out there and catch some fish!

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