Best Dry Bag For Paddleboard Fanatics

The Best Dry Bag For Paddleboard Fanatics

Does a paddle boarder need a dry bag? Yes, yes, and yes! We wouldn’t be penning this best dry bags for paddleboard fanatics article if it wasn’t. See, dry bags are used to keep your stuff dry while you’re on the paddleboard and around water.

While it’s ideal to never have anything that can’t get wet on the paddleboard, that’s not always possible. Sometimes you need to have a change of clothes with you or a cell phone. When these situations roll around, your dry bag will come in handy.

So, What is a Dry Bag?

Well, it’s kind of like the name sounds. A dry bag is a bag designed with a urethane-coated nylon material that ensures water cannot get inside. Basically, anything you put inside a dry bag will stay 100% dry.

With a dry bag, you could swim with it on your back and no water should ever enter the bag. These products are fully waterproof and keep out all moisture, too. Your gear will stay safe while inside one of these bags.

Why Paddle Boarders Use the Best Dry Bags?

There are a number of benefits to having a dry bag while paddling around. Here are just a few of the common ones that come in mind:

  • Smartphone Safety: By bringing a dry bag with you, a smartphone will have a safe space while out on the water. You can paddle around care-free until you find that perfect spot to take a photo. Then carefully take the shot before placing the phone back in the bag.
  • Relaxing Things: Sometimes you’re looking for a place to relax. You want to paddle off into nature with no plans. You have a hammock and a book in your backpack. You cruise around looking for the perfect spot. Then when you find it, you pull out your stuff and get situated. The best part? Everything is dry because you used one of the best dry bags.
  • Swimming Time: If you brought anything on the SUP, then you often can’t hop in the water. With a dry bag, you have no issues. You’ll be able to swim around with little issue that your personal belongings will get wet – because they won’t! (check out boards for hanging around here).

What Makes a Great Dry Bag?

Now before you go buying one of the best dry bags available, we need to talk about what makes these waterproof sacks so good. There are a few variables you must look for when buying a dry bag.

Here are a few things you must pay attention to when buying:

  • The bag absolutely must have 900-denier urethane-coated nylon or more used as manufacturing materials. This is what gives the bag its waterproof abilities.
  • Clear vinyl side walls are also incredibly important because they allow you to see what is in the dry sack before you actually open it up.
  • You want a dry sack that’s around 25-30 liters in capacity. Anything less and you might not have enough space for your stuff. Anything more and it becomes pretty heavy to lug around.

The 3 Best Dry Bags For Paddleboard Fans

So let’s dive in. Literally! With all your gear and everything. Just grab one of the best dry sacks and you’ll be good to go.

After some testing, we found these dry bags to be our favorites:

Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Pack 35L

Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Pack 35L

This is the biggest dry pack on our list, but it’s a pretty great item. The Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Pack 35L is the size of a small carry-on backpack. It’s big, can hold a lot of stuff, and should only be considered if you truly have a plethora of things to keep dry on the SUP. If you’re bring a hammock, a book, some snacks, and a smartphone – this might be the best dry pack for your needs.

The dry bag features laminated, heavy-duty waterproof fabric. No water will get in this thing once closed up! The Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Pack 35L also offers roll-top closure and welded construction to further ensure your gear stays dry.

If you need a big dry bag for paddle boarding, the Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Pack 35L is the best money can buy.

Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Bag 20L

Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Bag 20L

Another great product from Sea to Summit, this dry bag is small at 20L – making it better for most paddlers. Here you can still fit a solid amount of stuff, but the dry pack is much easier to carry and move around.

Again, the Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Bag 20L is made with laminated, heavy-duty waterproof fabrics, roll-top closure, and welded construction. Water isn’t getting in this bad boy. You’ll also find durable UV-resistant fabric holds up amazingly well in cold water, too.

If waterproof performance in cold and hot water extremes is what you’re looking for, the Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Bag 20L is what you need.

GoZone Life Waterproof Dry Bag

GoZone Life Waterproof Dry Bag

Now, the two Sea to Summit products above do an absolutely amazing job. However, both are a little expensive. If you’re a novice paddler looking to take your smartphone and some granola bars out on the water, then spending $60+ on a SUP dry bag may seem a little bit ridiculous. We get that.

That’s why we tested GoZone Life Waterproof Dry Bag. This reasonably priced bag does a tremendous job keeping your gear safe and sound. These dry bags are guaranteed to keep all your items safe and dry 100%. The company uses rip-stop fabric and roll-top closures to ensure your items never touch the water.

Made for any watersport, including paddle boarding, the GoZone Life Waterproof Dry Bag comes in multiple sizes and colors. There’s also a flexible shoulder strap that’s removable – ideal for paddlers.

And the best part? The GoZone Life Waterproof Dry Bag comes in at under $30!!

Best Dry Bags Money Can Buy

Dry bags come in handy for paddleboard fans many times. There’s nothing like knowing your smartphone and gear is safe and sound while you paddle around. Grab one of our top three dry sacks before you hit the water and stay dry out there!