Top 10 Best Beach Towels

10 Best Beach Towels For Sun Worshippers: Your Ultimate Guide

Having a little fun in the sun is something that we all love to do. And when we’re out in the sun, sand, and near the water - we all need one of the best beach towels available.

You can catch some vitamin D, get that sun-kissed look, and have an all-around great time. But having a beach towel to dry off with, wrap around you, or just to lay on is always ideal.

The thing is…

There are many beach towels to choose from, which can make it difficult to find the best one for your trip to the water.

Luckily, we can help you find the perfect beach towel that not only fits your needs, but also your style.

editor's choice

Laguna Beach Textile Co Plush Cabana Towel

Oversize Plush Cabana Towel by Laguna Beach Textile Co | Navy and Almond Tan | 1 Classic, Beach and Pool House Towel
  • Insanely soft plush cotton
  • One of the most comfortable beach towels
  • Quick drying

best value

Amazon Basics Beach Towel

AmazonBasics Beach Towel - Cabana Stripe, Navy Blue, Pack of 2
  • Low cost, high-quality
  • Incredibly absorbent
  • Good looking beach towel

How to Choose the Best Beach Towels 

Choosing the best beach towels isn’t rocket science. It’s a towel for heaven’s sake.

But we made this guide to endure every little detail is accounted for.

To ensure you buy the absolute best beach towel for you and your family’s needs. Thus, we look at things like:

  • Comfort
  • Absorbency
  • Ability to dry
  • Size
  • Look
  • Packaged with others
  • Ease of storage
  • Cleaning
  • Thickness

10 Best Beach Towels for Sun Worshippers

The best beach towels are going to really stand out to you and make you notice that they are the one you should be using. Take a look at the available options to find out which one is speaking to you.

Here’s our favorites:

1. Laguna Beach Textile Co Oversize Plush Cabana Towel

Oversize Plush Cabana Towel by Laguna Beach Textile Co | Navy and Almond Tan | 1 Classic, Beach and Pool House Towel
  • Dimensions: 70 x 35 inches
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Price: $$$

One of the biggest factors that makes this one of the best beach towels is the look and feel. It is a thick and plush towel, unlike some others and provides that absorbency that so many are after. It can retain its colors, softness and absorption abilities even after many washes.

Why Choose the Oversize Plush Cabana Towel?

Made from a thicker, plusher type of cotton, it provides the comfort that you’re in need of. Not only that, but you can benefit overall from the vibrancy of the towels. Choose from three different looks. With a thick appeal, it is great for drying off or laying out in the sun with.

2. Terry Beach and Pool Towel by Kaufman

KAUFMAN - Terry Beach & Pool Towel 4-Pack of ASSORTED Designs - 30in x 60in (104700)
  • Dimensions: 30 x 60 inches
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Price: $

Choosing a towel to lay on at the beach means choosing towels that really speak to you. This set of colorful towels comes with four different ones to choose from, which means one for everyone in the family.

The high-quality feel and look of them make them seem like they cost a lot, but they are actually a very affordable beach towel option to go with.

Why Choose the Kaufman Terry Beach and Pool Towel?

This variety pack is one that many choose because of the high-quality cotton that each towel comes in. With their large size, as well as assorted colors, they make for an excellent towel to bring to the beach and lay on. Washing is just as easy by throwing it in the washer and then the dryer.

3. AmazonBasics Beach Towel

AmazonBasics Beach Towel - Cabana Stripe, Navy Blue, Pack of 2
  • Dimensions: 30 x 60 inches
  • Material: 100% ring-spun pure cotton
  • Price: $

These towels come in a set of two, making them ideal for those that want more than one towel for themselves, or need another for someone else. They come in four different colors, so you can choose which pack you’d like to purchase.

With an absorbent material that is also soft, it is an ideal choice to go with when you want something that is going to deliver results and doesn’t look too bad either.

Why Choose This AmazonBasics Beach Towel?

In addition to what is mentioned above, the towels are some of the most affordable. They are neutral, as well which makes them more ideal for sharing.

You can easily dry off, lay on the sand with the towel or just wrap it around you because it is larger in size as compared to a normal bathroom towel.

4. Dolphin Shadow Microfiber Beach Towel

Dolphin Shadow Microfiber Beach Towel: XXL Portable Travel Sand Free Beach Towel in Designer Carry Pouch & Deluxe Gift Box & Fast-Drying Pool, Bath, Sports & Camping & Yoga (Green Forest)
  • Dimensions: 78 x 35 inches
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Price: $$

With a towel that dries just as fast as it got wet, you don’t have to worry about that musty smell that usually comes with wet towels.

You can benefit with the relaxation that this one brings. Thicker than others, it is a colorful, quick drying way to enjoy your time at the beach.

Why Choose this Microfiber Beach Towel?

Made with care, they provide a money back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the towel. However, since it does come with highly rated reviews, a large size, comfort, softness, and ease of washing, it might just be your next favorite beach towel.

5. Turkuoise Large Turkish Beach Towel

Large Turkish Beach Towel, Pool Towel with Cabana Stripe, Eco Friendly, 100% Turkish Cotton (Blue 4 Pack 30x60 inches) by Turkuoise Towel
  • Dimensions: 30 x 60 inches
  • Material: 100% genuine Turkish cotton
  • Price: $$

Turkish cotton is a long-standing soft material that is easy to wash and will not wear down. It holds its vibrancy and it very eco-friendly.

Free from chemicals and using only the most natural dyes, these are rated as one of the best beach towels to use, especially for those that are environmentally conscious.

Why Choose the Large Turkish Beach Towel?

They get softer with each wash, are durable and made from high-quality materials, and they are large in size.

You can be sure that the absorbency matches the rest of the quality that comes with such highly recommended towels. They are sold in sets of four, so you can have mutliples to use or one for every member of the family.

6. Akumal Microfiber Beach Towel

Akumal Microfiber Beach Towel. Quick dry travel towel, ultra compact, extra absorbent and XL size (78 in. x35 in.). Great for beach trips, pool, and camping. Travels better than cotton beach towels.
  • Dimensions: 78 x 35 inches
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Price: $$$

Holding up to 3 to 4 times it’s natural weight, this towel is one of the most absorbent. It quickly dries and easily folds back down so you can fit it back into the carrying case it came in.

With 6 different styles to choose from, it is the ultimate towel to bring everywhere. Take a look to find out which might appeal to you.

Why Choose the Akumal Beach Towel?

Comfortable, compact, absorbent and easy to dry are all the key takeaways with this towel. You can be sure that carrying it with you is not going to weigh you down, even after you’ve been to the beach and used it.

It is one of the towels that backpackers use because of how small it is able to fold down, but how much water it can absorb. It is a magic towel that astonishes those that use it.

7. Rainleaf Microfiber Towel

Rainleaf Microfiber Towel, 40 X 72 Inches. Blue.
  • Dimensions: 12x24, 16x32, 20x40, 24x48, 30x60, 40x72 inches
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Price: $$

Perfect for sports, camping, on the go or even just to bring with you to the beach. This is an all-purpose towel that has you in mind when wrapping up in it and getting that quick drying relief that you’re after. Choose from 7 different colors.

Why Choose the Rainleaf Microfiber Towel?

One of the biggest benefits of this towel over others is that it is antibacterial. You don’t have to worry about those germs that come from the waters.

It is compact, lightweight, comes in a carry case and can easily dry out and be reused. It is perfect for not only the beach, but for those that enjoy backpacking, hiking, or other adventures where water might be an issue.

8. Dock and Bay Microfiber Beach Towels

Dock & Bay Rainbow Beach Towels for Travel - Extra Large 78x35 - Cabana Towel with Stripes, Quick Dry Towel Sand Proof
  • Dimensions: 78x35 inches, 63x31 inches
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Price: $$

This towel is a bit different from the others because it has a magical ability to leave the sand at the beach, where it belongs.

The sand doesn’t stick to the towel and some say it is the best beach towel because of this. It is highly absorbent and soft to touch, so you can dry off without feeling scratchy material on your skin.

Why Choose the Dock and Bay Microfiber Beach Towel?

This towel comes in a handy carry bag that it easily folds up and slips into. With many colors to choose from, as well as the benefits listed above, this is listed as one of the best beach towels for anyone to bring to the beach. Huge in size, it can also be laid out to lay on.

9. Travel Works Microfiber Travel Towel with Canvas Bag

Travel Works Microfiber Beach & Travel Towel (Blue, Large)
  • Dimensions: 36 x 78 inches
  • Material: Quick dry microfiber, 80% polyester and 20% polyamide
  • Price: $$

This microfiber towel comes neatly tucked away in a canvas bag, so you can grab and go while heading to the water. It comes in four different colors, provides a classic appeal that is not too much and is perfect for those that want softness, comfort, and a quick-drying choice of towel.

Why Choose the Travel Works Microfiber Towel?

Easy to wash, this towel absorbs all of the moisture that it comes into contact with while also providing a soft way to lay down in the sun.

It can easily be shaken out, folded up, placed back in the bag and then brought home to be washed again. It will not become musty, it will not shrink down.

10. Genovega Thick Round Beach Towel

Genovega Thick Round Beach Towel Blanket - Black White Circle Picnic Carpet Yoga Mat
  • Dimensions: 62 inches in diameter
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Price: $$

Last but not lease, this beautiful beach towel has a lot of attention. Large, round and thick like a blanket, this beach towel offers more than just a way to dry off really quick. Able to fit up to two people comfortably, while providing a number of patterns, this beach towel is a beautiful addition to those beach excursions.

Why Choose the Genovega Thick Round Beach Towel?

Those that want comfort at the beach and something that looks good would benefit from this towel. It is stylish and provides a thick overlay that absorbs all of the moisture.

Easy to wash, it is perfect for just about any beach or pool outing. One of the biggest factors is that it is so thick. Not many other beach towels provide the same thickness level at the same quality.

The Benefits of Owning a Great Beach Towel

The best beach towel is going to help you stay dry while at the beach, while offering comfort and warmth when it is needed. Here are some of the benefits that come from owning the best beach towel and using it to your advantage.

  • Stay dry
  • Stay comfortable
  • Stay warm
  • Have something to lay out on
  • Provide yourself with a way to easily wash the towel
  • Remove sand with ease
  • Easy transport
  • Quick dry so you don’t deal with mustiness
  • Enjoy showing off a stylish towel

The Ultimate Guide to Beach Towel for Sun Worshippers on the Beach

There are many good points found within this guide, as well as some of the best beach towels to choose from.

If you love the sand, sun and surf then this is where you want to go to find the towel that is going to match those loves. They provide everyone with a way to choose the most ideal towel that gets the job done and makes them feel great about choosing the specific towel in the first place.

Enjoy what comes when you read through this guide and decide if any of these towels fit the needs that you have.

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