Top 5 Best Beach Bags

Top 5 Beach Bags on a Budget: 2019 Edition

If you’re curious about the absolute best beach bags without breaking your budget, you’ve come to the right place.


There’s nothing like a relaxing day at the beach to really make a day off stand out. Unfortunately, a fun day at the beach involves bringing a bunch of valuables with you most of the time.

Whether you want to lounge and read a good book, you want to hop in the water and play in the waves, or you just want to lounge in the sand and enjoy the bright sunlight, you’re going to want to bring along supplies.

That’s where a beach bag comes in handy. There are many different beach bags sold today, but some are better than others. That’s why we took the time to pick out the very best beach bags sold today to help you figure out exactly what you want to bring with you to the ocean.

editor's choice

Oahu XXL Mesh Beach Bag

Oahu XXL Mesh Beach Bag Tote, Extra Heavy Duty with Zipper, 8 Large Pockets and FREE Bonus Waterproof Cellphone Case (Black)
  • Huge bag that will fit all your stuff
  • Great waterproof design
  • Lightweight

best value

Dejaroo Mesh Beach


Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag – Toy Tote Bag – Large Lightweight Market, Grocery & Picnic Tote with Oversized Pockets
  • Great value at this price
  • Impressive functionality and versatility
  • Easy to clean materials

How to Choose the Best Beach Bag For You

Finding high quality beach bags isn’t simple to do and it’s something that takes time and research to do properly. When looking for a quality bag we look for things like durability, ease-of-use, affordability, protection, organization and more to help us determine the bags that are going to be the most effective and useful.

Below are the main characteristics that we look for when choosing a beach bag to use.

  • Quality construction
  • Lots of pockets for storage
  • Protected storage pockets for valuables
  • Easy to clean up
  • Dries quickly
  • Folds down compact
  • Lightweight and easy to transport

5 Best Beach Bags of 2019

But enough of the fluff, let’s take a look at some of our top recommendations. Here’s the best beach bags for 2019:

1. Oahu XXL Mesh Beach Bag

Oahu XXL Mesh Beach Bag Tote, Extra Heavy Duty with Zipper, 8 Large Pockets and FREE Bonus Waterproof Cellphone Case (Black)
  • Price: $$$
  • Dimensions: 18” x 29”

This extra-large beach bag offers all the space that you need to keep your accessories during a visit to the beach. It features 7 external pockets to store different objects in, and a single waterproof internal pocket to keep your valuables safe from the elements.

This bag comes equipped with a base layer that’s waterproof, and it’s lightweight and designed to fold down easily. The bag is made from tough material, but is designed in a mesh to keep it lightweight and easy to dry off and wash after a trip to the beach.

Why choose this Oahu XXL Mesh Beach Bag?

This mesh beach bag from Oahu is one of the best beach bags you can get because it’s spacious, protective and lightweight. The bag folds out easily and can be stored in a compact location when you aren’t using it.

We love that the bag features a waterproof pocket internally, and that it has a waterproof base for added protection. It’s tough to find lightweight bags with as much space as this one offers, and that’s why it’s a top pick for a bag to take to the beach.

2. Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag

Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag – Toy Tote Bag – Large Lightweight Market, Grocery & Picnic Tote with Oversized Pockets
  • Dimensions: 9.5” wide
  • Price: $

The Dejaroo mesh beach bag is a simple and lightweight bag that you can use to keep your items together while heading out to the coast. The bag is all open in design, made from a tough mesh material and designed to fold down nice and compact.

It features eight pockets in all to hold all sorts of different items and keep them all sorted out. This bag is made from a tough mesh that will hold up well to wear from the sand and the other elements that it faces. It isn’t particularly protective, but is a good tool to help you keep all your beach items sorted and ready to go before you head to the water.

Why choose the Dejaroo mesh beach bag?

We like this beach bag because it’s affordable and highly functional. It has all the storage that you need to keep your most important objects with you as you go to the beach, and it is lightweight and made from easy-to-clean mesh.

Simply wash it down after you’re done at the beach, let it dry in the sun and it’s ready for your next trip.

3. Beach Bag XL

Beach Bag XXL. 100% Waterproof (IP64). L22 xH15 xW6 w Cotton Rope Handles, Top Zipper, Extra Outside Pocket. Blue Stripes Beach Tote Includes Waterproof Phone Case, Built-in Key Holder, Bottle Opener
  • Dimensions: 22” x 15” x 6”
  • Price: $$

If you’re looking for more of a traditional beach bag that’s waterproof and highly protective, this XL beach bag is the perfect tool for heading to the ocean. It’s made from a tough canvas rip-stop material that’s designed to hold up to harsh beach conditions.

The bag is water, dust and sand proof, and zips shut to keep electronics, keys and clothing nice and clean. The bag is strong enough to support up to 22 lbs. of objects stored within. It has plenty of space to hold all the important stuff that you want to bring with you to the beach.

This bag also features three internal pockets for additional storage when you have it open. Store your smaller items within the bag and you’ll know exactly where they are. There is even a built-in keyholder and bottle holder in this bag for convenience.

Why choose this Beach Bag XL Bag?

This is one of the best beach bags for protecting more delicate devices, clothing and valuable objects while at the beach. Most other bags are made from a mesh material that lets sun, water and sand in to get on the belongings held within.

This bag is designed to keep all those things out so that your valuables can remain clean and dry. Slip the things you care most about into this pack and head to the beach with confidence.

4. Odyseaco Aruba Mesh Beach Tote

Odyseaco Aruba Mesh Beach Tote Bag with Zipper Top and Insulated Picnic Cooler, Turquoise
  • Dimensions: 20” x 16” x 16”
  • Price: $$

Both fashionable and lightweight, the Odyseaco Aruba mesh beach bag is an effective tool to help you carry what matters most with you out to your spot by the water. It’s made from a lightweight mesh material and has two external mesh pockets for carrying the beach basics like drinks, sunblock, sunglasses and other objects that can get wet and sandy.

The bag also features an internal zippered pocket that offers added protection for things like cellphones, clothing or other items that you want to keep from getting wet. This bag is made from tough padded construction, it comes with reinforced handles and offers an insulated cooler section to keep drinks nice and cool until you’re ready for them.

Why choose the Odyseaco Aruba mesh beach bag?

We love this beach bag because it offers a good blend of protected and unprotected sections, offering quick access to important objects, while making sure that the delicate stuff remains protected.

This bag is well-built and the reinforced shoulder straps hold up well over time. It also features an insulated section that will keep drinks nice and cool until you’re ready for them while laying out on the beach.

5. Odyseaco Baja Beach Bag

Odyseaco Baja Beach Bag Waterproof Canvas Tote, Large
  • Dimensions: 16.5” x 14” x 7”
  • Price: $$

The Odyseaco Baja Beach Bag is a compact bag that’s designed to offer a stylish place for you to keep your stuff while out at the beach. The bag comes with two smaller external pockets as well as ample storage space within.

The internal pocket is zippered shut to give you a place to store your objects safely. The bag comes with thick rope handled for strength. It features reinforced stitching throughout, making it tough enough to withstand regular use.

The bag isn’t waterproof, but it is water resistant enough to keep your valuables safe from water and sand in standard beach conditions, just keep it out of the tide as the water level rises up during the day!

Why choose the Odyseaco Baja Beach Bag?

This affordable little beach bag is one of the best beach bags for someone looking to travel light. It offers small quick-access pockets for things like sunglasses, drinks, sunblock and the other objects that you want to grab and put away frequently.

The bag has an internal space that you can use to keep your more important objects nice and safe and it’s built to last through years of hard use. This is the type of beach bag that you can rely on each and every time that you want to head out to the water.

The Benefits of Owning the Best Beach Bags

Good quality beach bags are the perfect accessory to accompany you out to the water when you want to spend the day lounging in the sand. They help protect your belongings and serve as a stylish accessory. Below are the most common advantages of these bags.

  • Keep your belongings safe
  • Hide your valuables from view
  • Help keep everything organized
  • Offer fast access to most useful items
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Beach Bags

Choosing the very best beach bags isn’t a simple task and most people have different opinions about which bags are the best and what features are important in a bag.

That’s why it’s so important for you to look through the different options that we’ve assembled, and make decisions for yourself. Just because someone else doesn’t like a particular bag doesn’t mean it isn’t right for you, and the perfect bag for someone else might not be right for you.

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