Our Search for the Best All-Around
Paddle Board

Updated January 16, 2018

top all around board reviews 2018

You’re no pro. You have no desire to race around. You don’t want to do any yoga on your paddle board. Surfing isn’t your idea of fun. You’re just looking for a paddle board that you can cruise on. You want a high-quality board that will allow you to enjoy your time on the water.

You want to buy an all-around SUP board. Sure, surfing or yoga may be fun down the road. But right now – you just want to paddle around and enjoy the relaxation the water brings.

If this sounds like you, then keep reading. We reviewed dozens of paddle boards. From surfing to yoga SUPs – we found the best all-around stand up paddle boards. Below, you’ll find our ten favorites and why we love them. Plus, much more!

Things to Consider When Buying an All-Around Board

Before you buy an all-around SUP, you need to do some research. It’s important to consider a few factors before you make a purchase. Buying a board with the wrong weight limit or width can negatively effect your enjoyment of the sport.

Here are a few factors to consider before buying your new all around stand up paddle board:dad paddleboarding with daughter

  • Height of Rider: Your height will play a big role in the type of SUP you need to buy. A short person, may prefer a thinner board with a little less length. This will make paddle easier.
  • Weight of Rider: All SUP boards have weight limits. If you or someone who will use the board often is over the weight limit for a certain board, then you may want to choose a different one. Most boards offer weight limits between 200-350 lbs.
  • Width of Board: The wider a SUP is, the great stability it will offer the rider. On the flipside, wider SUPs also offer less maneuverability. The width of your SUP should be determined by your experience levels and what you want to do with it.
  • Board Thickness: How thick a board is will directly correlate with how much weight the board can hold and how well it changes direction in the water.
  • Length of Board: Longer SUPs often are faster and easier to keep straight while racing or touring around. A shorter board will always be better for catching waves and surfing.
  • Fin Setup: SUPs have anywhere from 1-5 fins. Stand up paddle boards used for lake touring may only need one fin. However, the more fins a SUP has, the better it will perform with waves. More fins also typically mean more specialization.
  • Traction: Nearly every SUP comes standard with a traction pad that makes standing up easier. Many of these pads are no-slip, which means you’ll still be able to balance when water is on the pad.
  • Accessories: Until you’re an experienced SUP rider, it’s probably a good idea to buy a board that comes with some type of accessories package. Most all around boards offer a decent amount of accessories these days. Companies want you on the water enjoying your board – not waiting on another order with the accessories you need to enjoy the board.

Hard or Inflatable?

Before you buy an all-around SUP board, you need to understand the two main types of boards. SUPs come in hard body or inflatable. No matter what the SUP will be used for, the board will always be made of hard materials or will be inflatable.

In the past, many considered hard SUPs to be vastly superior to inflatable boards in most ways. This was especially true when hoping to do activities like surfing or fitness on your board.

In the last few years, things have changed. Inflatable boards are now being used for all SUP activities. The new military-grade construction found on many inflatable boards combines the convenience of inflatable boards inflating boardwith the performance of hard body SUPs.

While many still prefer hard SUPs, the popularity of inflatable boards has skyrocketed. If you’re new to stand up paddle boarding or looking for an all-around SUP, then considering an inflatable board is a great idea.  Need more info if you’re a beginner? Head back to the in depth reviews guide for more info on the best SUP winners.

The 9 Best All Around SUP Boards

Ready to find the best all around SUP board for you? We offer detailed reviews of our top eight boards below.

Here’s our top all-around picks:

1. Tower Adventurer 2 – 10’4″

tower adventurer 2 all around board

  • Length: 10’4″
  • Construction: Inflatable
  • Price: $$

When looking for one of the best all around SUPs on the market, the Tower Adventurer 2 fits the bill perfectly. In fact, this board is the best-selling model on the market today. The reason? You won’t find another SUP that’s more user-friendly.

Both beginners and experienced riders have shared rave reviews of the Adventurer 2. The stand up paddle board offers exceptional stability and more. This SUP is longer, which makes it ideal for touring, relaxing, and enjoying yoga.

  • Exceptionally rigid and stable
  • One of the most durable boards we’ve tested
  • Full accessories package and 1-year warranty

2. California Board Company Stand Up Paddle Board

cbc board

  • Length: 10’6″
  • Construction: Hard
  • Price: $

One of the cheaper models we reviewed, the California Board Company Stand Up Paddle Board offers more value than most. Even with the price point, the SUP performed admirably in the water.

Utilizing a three-fin system, the maneuverability of the CBC SUP is fantastic. Many accessories come included. If you’re looking for a well-priced beginner board, then look no further.

  • Incredible value for the price
  • Large board offers incredible stability
  • Tri-fin system ideal for beginners

3. ISLE Airtech 10″ 

  • isle airtech all aroundLength: 10′
  • Construction: Inflatable
  • Price: $$

The ISLE Airtech 10″ SUP is one incredible board. The Airtech construction offers incredible stability while staying exceptionally lightweight. Created with military-grade PVC, the SUP is also exceptionally durable.

The stand up paddle board is ideal for beginners and experienced riders alike. Buyers will receive a full accessories package, along with a one-year warranty on materials when they buy this SUP.

  • Incredible stability in flat waters or with waves
  • Created with sturdy military-grade construction
  • Full accessories bundle

4. ISLE 10’5″ Versa

isle versa

  • Length: 10’5″
  • Construction: Hard
  • Price: $$$

The ISLE 10’5″ Versa Stand Up Paddle Board was created with all around performance in mind. The board is ideal for beginners looking to tour, surf, fish, yoga, and much more. Even though the board is hard, it still offers great convenience and is easy to carry.

Utilizing super durable new thermal molded technology, the Versa eliminates any waste in the construction. This creates an incredibly lightweight and good looking SUP. And don’t worry – the Versa comes standard with ISLE’s guarantee that allows you to ride the board for 30 days.

  • One of the best all-around SUPs for various activities
  • Incredibly durable
  • Easy to carry

5. ISLE Classic Soft Top 

isle soft top board

  • Length: 10’8″
  • Construction: Hard
  • Price: $$

A great all around SUP when looking for a board ideal for small wave catching and touring flatwater – the ISLE Classic Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board offers incredible design and versatility. The soft top deck construction offers benefits for a variety of activities and is quite family-friendly.

With a 30-day guarantee and a full accessories bundle included, the value found here is ideal. The Classic Soft Top is priced well for the value you’ll receive. Center fin construction offers great maneuverability, as well.

  • Awesome all around SUP design
  • Center fin construction allows for great control
  • Full accessories package included

6. Aqua Marina All Around Inflatable SUP

  • aqua marina all aroundLength: 9’9″
  • Construction: Inflatable
  • Price: $$

One of the most durable SUPs we reviewed, this inflatable board uses extra layers of lamination to increase stiffness and block air leakage. With a unique design that offers incredible versatility, this is an ideal all around SUP.

A full accessories package comes included. The EVA deck pad is ideal for traction, and the board is simple to store. The board is designed for flat-water conditions and is perfect for beginners.

  • Sturdy design perfect for beginners
  • EVA deck pad offers maximum traction
  • Full accessories package


ten toes

  • Length: 10′
  • Construction: Inflatable
  • Price: $$

The WEEKENDER SUP from Ten Toes is a high quality board known for being one of the most stable paddle boards on the market. Made of military-grade PVC, the board is nearly indestructible. A larger model, the ISUP comes with a full accessories package and a one-year warranty.

  • Incredible stability – perfect for beginners
  • Military-grade PVC construction
  • Full accessories package

8. Vilano Navigator

  • vilano navigator 10 foot boardLength: 10′
  • Construction: Inflatable
  • Price: $

When a solid value ISUP is what you need, the Vilano Navigator comes through clutch. Featuring rigid and durable construction, most claim this board is similar to a hard board in feel. High-grade PVC material means this ISUP is built to last. The board is also highly portable, and comes with a complete accessories package.

  • Great value ISUP
  • Rigid design ensures longevity
  • Full accessories package

9. Solstice Bali

  • solstice bali isupLength: 10’8″
  • Construction: Inflatable
  • Price: $

One of the fastest inflatable stand up paddle boards on the market, the Solstice Bali SUP is sleek and lightweight. With a rigid design, this SUP is also strong and durable. With an accessories package included, you’ll also find great value when you buy this stand up paddle board.

  • Fastest inflatable board we tested
  • Great value
  • Accessories package included

Remember What You’re Looking For

When you’re looking to buy an all around stand up paddle board, you want a SUP that can handle a variety of activities and water conditions. The boards tested above fit that criteria – and much more.

We hope you can use the reviews above to find the perfect SUP for you and your family. If you have any questions about all around stand up paddle boards, sound off in the comments. Our reviewers will get back to you quickly with all the information you need.

Here’s to having fun on the water!