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11 Best Kayaks: Your Ultimate Guide in 2020

How does one find the best kayak? The same way you find the best anything… internet research! Luckily the lion’s share of the work has already been done for you. No matter what kind of kayak you’re looking the for, the following guide to the best kayaks is sure to have what you’re looking for. Vibe […]

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10 Best Pedal Powered Kayaks in 2020

For most people, the best pedal powered kayak is, I’m guessing, a square boat in the shape of a giant white swan with two newly wedded lovebirds in it. Maybe they’re wearing berets and accordion music is playing. I don’t know, that’s what use to come to my mind when I thought of a pedal powered […]

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The Best Kayaks for Kids

It seems like kids always have a boundless store of energy. Whether they’re bouncing off walls or trying to entertain themselves while bored, they’re always up to something. Kids need outlets — something productive that they can put their energy into. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that spending time in nature is critical for kids. […]

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The Best Kayak Roof Racks (2019 Reviews)

Unless you’ve got an inflatable kayak — odds are that a roof rack is a good idea. They free up space, cut down on transport time, and generally make your life easier. Before we get to it, we’ve got 2 to show you real quick if you’re looking to get one on the double. Yakima JayLow Dual […]

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The Best Kayak Fishing Accessories (2019 Reviews)

So you’re interested in what the best kayak fishing accessories are… Maybe you’ve thought about getting a fishing kayak for some time and you finally pulled the trigger — congratulations!  Maybe you’ve had a fishing kayak for some time and are looking to expand its capabilities — bravo! OR Maybe you are getting a gift for a […]

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