4 Amazing Places to Paddleboard in Georgia

4 Amazing Places to Paddleboard in Georgia

One of the most underrated paddleboard locations in the United States, the Peach State doesn’t have the reputation of Colorado or Florida. However, there are some absolutely amazing places to paddleboard in Georgia.

What Makes Georgia Ideal?

Georgia is one of the best places to paddle around in all the United States for many a reason. First, due to the ideal southern location, the weather in the Peach State is ideal for paddling all year around.

Next, Georgia has everything a nature lover could desire. With miles of ocean coastline, a plethora of stunning lakes, and a variety of riverways – Georgia is certainly not lacking places to hit the open water.

4 Amazing Places to Paddleboard in Georgia

So where should you paddleboard in Georgia? Well, we combed the whole state and found five of the best places to hit the water. From semi-urban locales to ideal ocean paddle spots, let’s look at the four best places to SUP in the Peach State:

Lake Acworth

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  • Lake Acworth

Lake Acworth is absolutely ideal for a little SUP action. Located just 30 minutes from Atlanta, the lake doesn’t let motorized-vehicles on the water. As such, you’ll find calm waters here all the time. Due to the smooth waters and stunning scenery, you’ll love paddling around this charming lake.

It’s easy to bring your own board here, as it’s a short drive from Atlanta. If you need to rent, Acworth Beach Rentals is the spot to do so. The company offers fantastic paddleboards for dirt cheap rental prices.

Morgan Falls Overlook Park

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  • Morgan Falls Overlook Park

If you’re a newbie to paddle boarding, then Morgan Falls Overlook Park is the ideal spot to learn close to Atlanta. The smooth river reservoir offers calm waters and stunning nature. You’ll be able to learn to SUP here in peace. Close to Atlanta, this is a solid spot for advance paddle boarders looking to relax, too.

For individuals looking to rent a paddleboard in Morgan Falls Overlook Park, the best option we found is the High Country Paddle Shack. The outfitter offers rentals, tours, and even the option yoga class here and there.

Simons Island

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  • Simons Island

As one of Georgia’s premier barrier islands, St. Simon Island certainly isn’t lacking in stunning sights and nature. Here you’ll find the Atlantic Ocean, stunning inlets, and river areas to paddle around in. As well, the tide tables here are incredibly predictable – so you’ll be able to time your paddle sessions with the waves and wake. Just remember to keep an eye out for the stunning nature at this locale.

For those looking to rent a paddleboard here, SSI SUP is the ideal outfitter. The unique paddle company offers rentals, tours, team building activities, paddle parties, and more.

  • Lake Tugalo

Right on the South Carolina border, Lake Tugalo offers Georgians and tourists a secluded and scenic SUP spot in the Peach State. There’s very little boat traffic here, so you’ll be able to paddle away peacefully. Lake Tugalo is a great spot for beginners and advanced paddlers alike, but it is a little far from Atlanta.

Rentals are a little tougher to come by at Lake Tugalo. We recommend you check out Wild Water if you’re looking to rent here. They seem to do the best job in the area. 

Where to SUP in Georgia?

If you’re looking to paddleboard in Georgia, the four spots above are absolutely ideal. There are many other amazing places in Georgia, too. Just grab your SUP and start exploring. While underrated, the Peach State truly is paradise for people looking to explore nature!

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