best places to paddleboard in the USA

The 9 Best Places to Paddle Board in the U.S.

You did it. You splurged on a sweet SUP board, but now you need to use it. You need to get out in the water and paddle away. You need to cruise through the water while enjoying stunning nature.

So you hit the local lakes, rivers, or even the ocean. You practice, and you paddle. You enjoy relaxing on the water. SUP boarding is becoming a larger part of your life with each passing month. Heck, you even tried a SUP yoga class last week – and loved it!

But what’s the next step? How do you take your SUP board enjoyment forward? Well, there’s one surefire way to take your SUP skills and enjoyment to the next level – vacation.

If you’re ready to SUP on the road, here are the nine best places to SUP board in the United States:

1. Mission Bay, San Diego

mission bay

San Diego is known for stunning ocean front views and amazing weather almost year around. Thus, Mission Bay in San Diego has become a SUP boarding cult classic. The calm waters offer stunning views of the California city and the Pacific Ocean. You’ll see SUP boarders paddling and doing yoga all over the bay. Make sure to check out Mission Bay Aquatic Center when you start to SUP in San Diego.

2. Hoover Dam, Nevada

hoover dam boarding

Talk about a SUP experience. Desert Adventure offers a two-day SUP trip that starts at Hoover Dam in Nevada and curves into Arizona. You’ll paddle around for over 12-miles while enjoying the beautiful Colorado River’s Black Canyon. SUP fanatics will also love paddling around in the back of the Emerald Cave and spending the night on a private beach.

3. Lake Tahoe, California

lake tahoe

Lake Tahoe is known worldwide for its stunning beauty and incredible nature. SUP boarding on the lake is a pleasure by itself. However, you can also enjoy a SUP boarding tour that takes you to amazing hot springs. These springs keep the cold waters in Lake Tahoe warm and can be as hot as 120-degrees.

4. Glacier Bay, Alaska

glacier bay

Glacier Bay, Alaska is an incredible SUP spot, but it’s just a little bit colder than the others. Actually, it gets a lot colder. But how can you pass up the fantastic opportunity to paddle around a glacier? Hint: you can’t! The stunning beauty found in Glacier Bay is sure to please every SUP boarder. Plus, the site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When you paddle board here, you’ll start at Bartlett Cove and head out on the water.

5. Hanalei River, Kauai, Hawaii

hanelei river

A stunning paddle boarding location, you’ll cruise the American Heritage River for awhile. Surrounded by beautiful taro fields and lush greenery, you’ll eventually reach the beautiful bay – a sight to behold. Many love this paddle boarding location due to the plethora of wildlife around, including many species of birds and turtles.

6. Crater Lake, Oregon

crater lake sups

One of the most beautiful places in the United States, regardless if you’re paddle boarding or not – Crater Lake is stunning. SUP boarding here includes a spiritual site, towering cliffs, and more. Just be aware: the weather can change at this SUP spot faster than other places. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the lake on a paddle board when things go south. Always ask the visitor center experts about the weather before embarking on a day of paddling.

7. Lake Powell, Arizona

lake powell

A once in a lifetime paddle boarding experience, Lake Powell winds through Arizona and Utah. The lake is filled with stunning rock formations that were naturally created over millions of years. The amazing erosion and volcanic lava combine for to create a unique experience for SUP boarders.

8. Apostle Islands, Lake Superior, Minnesota

lake superior

If you’re in the Great Lakes Region, then a trip to Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands is a must. While there are many ways to experience the stunning shoreline and caves around these islands, many believe SUP boarding offers the best experience. Paddling around in some of these caves offers views that are truly special and unique. The largest Apostle Island is Madeline Island.

9. The Mangroves, Florida Keys, Florida

florida keys mangroves

If you have a taste for adventure and no fear of the gators, then this may be the best place to paddle board in the United States. While you have many options to paddle around in the Florida Keys, we’ve found one of the best spots: Cowkey Channel. At Cowkey, you’ll have the opportunity to witness a stunning tropical mangrove forest filled with animals and wildlife.

Ready to hit the water and paddle board in some of the best places in the United States? Just use the list above, and you’ll be off on the adventure of a lifetime. We’re confident you’ll love these SUP spots, as we checked them out and didn’t want to leave after a wicked SUP session.

P.S: Don’t forget to check out the best places to paddleboard around the world, too!

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