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5 Fantastic Places to SUP in Colorado

With crystal clear rivers, stunning lakes, and an endless array of mountains – you’ll never run out of places to SUP in Colorado. The natural beauty ensures you can paddle around all over this great state.

But you don’t just want good. You’re looking for great. You want the absolute best places to SUP in Colorado. That’s where we come in. After hauling our paddleboards all over Colorado, we found some amazing spots.

If you’re looking to enjoy a little paddling while on vacation in Colorado, keep reading.

5 Fantastic Places to SUP in Colorado

Before we dive into the best places to paddleboard in Colorado, it’s important to remember that paddle boarding in this state is seasonal. You won’t want to paddle around here in October through April. It’ll just be way too cold, especially without a wetsuit. Your best bet for Colorado paddle boarding is in the summer months. So without further ado, here are five fantastic places to SUP in Colorado:

cherry creek reservoir


  • Cherry Creek Reservoir

For individuals checking out Denver and looking to paddle around in nature, Cherry Creek Reservoir may be the best option. Just a short trip outside Denver, the views here are solid, but not as spectacular as some other Colorado paddleboard locales. With over 880 acres of water surface, you’re sure to find a secluded spot to paddle here – which is what we truly loved about Cherry Creek. If you need to rent a board, that’s easy here, too (or you can find some affordable options to buy here). You can rent one from Cherry Creek Marina inside the state park. Do note that there’s an entrance fee to the park, too. The address to the park’s entrance is 4201 S. Parker Road in Aurora, Colorado.

Vallecito Lake


  • Vallecito Lake

Vallecito Lake is a little tougher to get to than Cherry Creek Reservoir, but we promise it’s worth it. The stunning lake is located about 25 minutes from the small town of Durango, Colorado. Ideal for open water paddling, you’ll enjoy smooth waters and stunning mountain views at this pristine locale. The absolute best place to rent paddleboard in Durango is 4Corners Riversports. They specialize in renting out all types of paddle boards for adventurers in the area. You can even rent a trailer for your SUPs from these guys.

Blue Mesa Reservoir


  • Blue Mesa Reservoir

If you’re looking for the best place to go paddleboard fishing in Colorado, then look no further. Blue Mesa Reservoir is located near the small town of Gunnison. The locale is the largest reservoir in Colorado and offers stunning places to catch trophy fish. Finding the ideal paddleboard rental here can be difficult, but it’s doable. Three Rivers Resort offers rentals, as do a couple other companies in the area. For most, this is a better spot to bring your own SUP board.

Grand Lake


  • Grand Lake

As Colorado’s largest and deepest lake, you’ll find ample SUP opportunities at Grand Lake. With some of the best scenery we’ve come across, it’s easy to see why so many love paddling around here. You can just sit on your board and stare at the mountains for hours on end here. If you need to rent a board at Grand Lake in Colorado, the Grand Lake Marina makes things the easiest. And don’t forget to stay in the picturesque town of Grand Lake, too. It’s well worth an overnight stay.

Union Reservoir


  • Union Reservoir

If you’re looking for an uncrowded lake along the front range, then Union Reservoir may fit the bill. With less crowds, the locale still offers the stunning and scenic views we all love from the paddleboard. Plus, you’ll have less boat and jetski traffic to worry about here. Union Reservoir is one of the few lakes that’s completely natural in Colorado. If you’re looking to rent a SUP here, then check out Rocky Mountain Paddleboard, as they do a fantastic job in the area.

Paddle Boarding in Colorado

We endless rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds – you’ll never run out of new, exciting places to paddleboard in Colorado. Use the five places above as a starting point before branching off into the wonderful nature that fills this great state.

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