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The 5 Best Places to Paddleboard in Miami

Paddle boarding is more than an activity or hobby. For many, it becomes an addiction. For some, riding on a SUP becomes a lifestyle. No matter your love or knowledge of SUP boards, it can be a lot of fun to ride around on one during vacation.

And where do a ton of people like to vacation? Miami!

Paddle boarding in Miami has risen in popularity for these exact reasons. People love SUPs, and nobody passes up an opportunity to visit Miami. As such, many people are curious where to hit the open water while in paradise.

5 Amazing Places to Go Paddle Boarding in Miami

If that’s you and you’re curious about where to go paddle boarding in Miami, then keep reading. We tested out all the hot spots in this incredible city and put together a list of our top places to sup.

So without further ado, here are five fantastic places to go paddle boarding in Miami:

1. Virginia Key

virginia key


A laidback location to get your paddle on, Virginia Key is a little ways away from all the wild South Beach action. This makes the location ideal for paddling around. If you’re looking for a place to go paddle boarding in Miami that offers crystal clear waters and stunning views of the downtown skyline, then Virginia Key is the spot for you.

Virginia Key Outdoor Center is everything you expect from the Florida Keys but only minutes from anywhere in Miami.  Experience a true eco-getaway in the heart of the Magic City. Start your Miami adventure on a tranquil lagoon leading to the ocean. Enjoy white sand beaches, nature trails, South Florida’s only mountain trails and more. Explore on your own or join an authentic guided experience.

Book a rental today:

2. Biscayne Bay

biscayne bay sups

If you’re hungover on South Beach and looking for a little relaxation via the paddle, you’ll want to head over to Biscayne Bay. Featuring one of the most popular spots to paddleboard in Miami, Biscayne Bay offers stunning, calm waters and great views of Miami.

While touring around this spot is ideal any time of day, the night tours featuring insane skyline views should be recommended. Check out iPaddle Miami if you’re around here. Their tours rock and prices are reasonable, at $25 for one-hour board rentals.

3. Oleta State Park

While a lot of the best places to go paddle boarding in Miami offer crystal clear salt water, Oleta State Park is a little different. When you start paddling here, you’ll end up in murky waters while you explore mangrove canals and other fascinating ecosystems. This paddle tour is ideal for explorers looking to get away from the South Beach bustle and experience the lush greenery Florida has to offer.

Check out Walk On Water for the best tours in this area.

4. Key Largo

key largo

Ok, so maybe it’s not exactly a part of Miami proper, but it’s close enough. Plus, Key Largo is an absolutely amazing place to paddleboard. Featuring some of the best water in all of South Florida, you won’t find a prettier spot to paddle away – maybe in the world! With dolphins, stunning island keys, and mangroves to maneuver through – you’ll have a blast paddle boarding here.

Check out Aquaholic Adventures for an amazing time. They offer a number of unique tours and are sure to satisfy every one of your paddle needs.

5. Sunset Islands

If you’re on South Beach and looking for an ideal place to paddle board in Miami, then look no further than the Sunset Islands. Tailor-made for all things paddle boarding, the islands offer a stunning, yet shielded space to practice and learn how to paddle properly. Not to mention, you’ll likely see a lot of wildlife like dolphins and manatees while paddling here.

For all things South Beach and SUP, make sure to check out SoBe Surf. Reasonable prices and unique offerings here. You won’t be disappointed.

Go Paddle Boarding in Miami!

Whether you’re a local or on vacation, it’s time to go paddle boarding in Miami. Grab a board and start paddling away. Enjoy some of the crystal clear waters and make sure to keep an eye out for the manatees and dolphins.

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