Perfect Places to Paddleboard in Dallas

4 Perfect Places to Paddleboard in Dallas

Paddleboard in Dallas may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of this big city in the great state of Texas. That’s fine and dandy, but you should know that DFW hosts a plethora of solid SUP spots.

While there’s no oceans around Dallas, you’ll still find amazing nature, lakes, and rivers. There’s more than enough places to paddleboard in DFW. Plus, the weather is absolutely fantastic year around, so you won’t have to take a break from your paddling.

Perfect Places to Paddleboard in DFW

So, let’s dive into it. Dallas has a number of SUP spots. Here are four of our favorites:

Lake Grapevine


  • Lake Grapevine

An absolutely ideal SUP spot for those in the DFW, Lake Grapevine is easy to get to, offers ideal conditions on certain days, and is an overall popular place to paddle around. Highly recommended for beginners to advanced paddlers in Dallas.

If you’re looking to rent, take classes, or go on tours at Lake Grapevine – then you’re in luck. DFW Surf does a fantastic job offering all things SUP at this lake. They’re a great outfitter who will have you paddling like a pro in no time.

White Rock Lake


  • White Rock Lake

Another SUP spot that’s super popular with Dallas residents and tourists alike is White Rock Lake. The lake features stunning nature and calm conditions on the right days. Just know that this spot can get crowded on certain weekends. If you can swing it, come during the week.

For rentals at White Rock Lake, we recommend White Rock Paddle Co. They do an amazing job servicing all paddlers in the area. Just remember to reserve before you show up to the lake, as they’re popular.

Lake Carolyn


  • Lake Carolyn

Located near Irving, Texas in the DFW Metroplex, Lake Carolyn is another solid SUP spot in the area. Here you’ll find a stunning lake with full paddle amenities, including paddleboard rentals, classes, and lessons.

Another thing we love about this locale is that you can take your board into the waterways around Irving, too. If you’re looking to rent around Lake Carolyn, we recommend you check out SUP NTX. We were impressed with this paddleboard outfitter.

Elm Fork Trinity River


  • Elm Fork Trinity River

Dallas SUP spots primarily consist of lakes, but Elm Fork Trinity River is an amazing places to paddle in DFW, too. Here you’ll find a smooth river that’s been greatly cleaned up in recent years. The spot heads directly into downtown Dallas, but is long enough for experienced paddlers to enjoy a full day adventure.

We’ve found it best to bring your own board to this locale. While renting kayaks is easy here, we didn’t find an ideal paddleboard rental company.

Lake Texoma


  • Lake Texoma

While not super close to downtown DFW, we found Lake Texoma to be an amazing SUP spot for those looking to venture a little further. Featuring calm waters and stunning sunsets, this spot is near perfect for paddlers looking enjoy a watersports paradise and relax in nature.

Lake Texoma also offers unique paddleboard fishing opportunities. For SUP rentals and more in the area, check out SUP Texoma. They’ll have everything you need to SUP in the area.

SUP in Dallas!

Featuring some of the premier lake SUP spots in Texas and more, Dallas is an underrated paddleboard destination. If you’re in DFW, grab a board and check out some of the unique nature found in North Texas.

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