4 Fantastic Places to Paddleboard in Austin

4 Fantastic Places to Paddleboard in Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Technology startups have popped up, people have flocked to live in the city, and there’s certainly no end in sight. Why do so many love this city in the great state of Texas? Well, one of the many reasons is the great places to paddleboard in Austin.

Austin, Texas is an amazing city for outdoor enthusiasts. From boats to hiking to paddleboards – you’ll have a lot of options while in the city. In fact, for urban paddling, many have argued Austin may be the best city without ocean access.

 4 Fantastic Places to Paddleboard in Austin, Texas

So let’s dive in – figuratively, not literally. Here are the best urban places to paddleboard in Austin, Texas:

Lady Bird Lake

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  • Lady Bird Lake

Paddle boarding has taken over Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas. Here you’ll find dozens of locals and tourists alike enjoying paddle boarding nearly every weekend. To say Lady Bird Lake is a hotspot would be an absolute understatement.

And why do so many individuals love paddling around Lady Bird Lake? Because of the stunning views and convenience. Lady Bird Lake is a river-lake reservoir that flows right through the heart of Austin, Texas. It’s a premier urban paddle spot, and you’re sure to love it.

If you’re looking for rentals or tours on Lady Bird Lake, make sure to check out SUP ATX. They have over 400 paddleboards for rent every day at the lake, and they offer fantastic service. Highly recommended!

Travis Lake

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  • Travis Lake

If you’re looking to get away from the “Keep Austin Weird” folks that often are found in Lady Bird Lake, then Travis Lake may be the Austin paddleboard spot you’re looking for. Located near Austin in Pace Bend Park, the lake is huge and filled with a variety of places to paddle around.

Not only is Travis Lake close to Austin and a great place to paddle due to the many secluded coves, you’ll also find great places to cliff dive and skinny dip here. Travis Lake is deep and is the only clothing-optional lake in the area. Although, we certainly hope you‘ll keep the swimsuit on while paddling around.

The best place to rent paddleboards in Travis Lake is Lakeway Marina. They offer an ideal location, fair prices, and paddle expertise on the lake.

Guadalupe River

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  • Guadalupe River

Located just south of Austin, you’ll find some fantastic paddling in the Guadalupe River. Featuring scenic sights, stunning cliffs, unique fish, and tons of other wildlife around every turn – the area offers a unique paddleboard experience.

If you’re looking to rent paddleboards in the area or for unique tour offerings, then Paddle SMTX is a great place to start. If you’re feeling adventurous, make sure to give a glow tour a try.

Secret Beach

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  • Secret Beach

If you’re looking for a secluded spot close to downtown Austin, then you need to check out Secret Beach just east of Austin on the Colorado River. The best place to get away from the crowds with a 15-minute drive, Secret Beach is an undeveloped spot along the river banks. You’ll be able to paddle in peace here.

You’ll want to bring your own board here or rent from SUP ATX and then drive down here. Either way, we’re confident you’ll love this kind of secret spot for paddle fans.

Paddleboard in Austin, Texas

If you’re in the Lonestar State, then paddling around Austin is one heck of a time. Some spots have crowds these days, but you can still find a calm stretch of water to paddle away with a little effort.

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