Best Places to Paddleboard in Houston

4 Best Places to Paddleboard in Houston

We’re back in the Lone Star State with another great city to SUP. While not as popular as other places yet, paddleboard in Houston is starting to take off. The mega city is filled with a few unique spots to hit the water.

While Houston doesn’t compete with places like Florida or Colorado in terms of paddle boarding spots, the area certainly has a few places to paddle away. So let’s dive in and check out the best place to paddleboard in Houston.

SUP in Houston

Without further ado, here are the top four places:

Armand Bayou


  • Armand Bayou

The Armand Bayou has created a unique paddling trail for those living in Houston. The waterway follows the Armand Bayou Nature Center upstream after nearly meeting with Clear Lake.

Here you’ll have access to stunning views and unique wildlife, as the nature center is tailor-made for paddling. Just be careful! This area is known to be filled with alligators and 10-footers have been spotted by other paddlers.

If you’re looking to rent at Armand Bayou, we recommend you check out Water Sports Clear Lake. The prices are low and you’ll have easy access to the bayou from here.

Lake Houston


  • Lake Houston

The name says it all. If you’re looking for a calm place to paddle around, Lake Houston may be your best shot. The place isn’t too popular because the waters just aren’t that pristine. Still, it’s worth a paddle day or two.

Just head out to Lake Houston and head to the River Grove Park area. Here you can put your board in the water and start paddling around. Make sure to head over to the island area on the lake.

You won’t want to try and rent here. Just bring your own board and get after it!

Galveston Island State Park Paddling Trail


  • Galveston Island State Park Paddling Trail

If you’re looking for a dedicated spot for paddlers to get their fix, then this is it. The Galveston Island State Park Paddling Trail offers a lot for SUP board fans in Houston. The park features three different trails between 2-5 miles long.

Each trail offers stunning views of nature, smooth waters, and little other boat traffic. You can relax and enjoy a peace paddleboard experience here. There’s also hiking and camping at this park.

While finding a rental here can be tough, you’ll want to check out Artist Boat. The outfitter occasionally offers guided tours that are said to be legendary.

Buffalo Bayou


  • Buffalo Bayou

Another dedicated paddlers’ trail near Houston, Buffalo Bayou is 26 miles long and features a plethora of access points along the trail. It starts on the westside of Houston and travels all throughout the downtown area.

If you’re new to paddleboarding in Houston, you may want to check out the Sabine Street entrance. Here you’ll be able to enter the water in downtown and smoothly cruise around for an hour before getting out.

Here you can pay for a shuttle to bring you back to your car after a day on the water. Just check out Buffalo Bayou Shuttle.

Paddleboard in Houston!

Above you’ll find out four favorite places to paddleboard in Houston. The huge city has a lot going for it, and many are surprised to find SUP is one of them. You’re sure to find the ideal spot for your needs. Happy paddling out there!

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